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Anastasia 22 years online

About myself

I think you should know that since I was a little girl my family has called me Kitty Cat. It's such a household cute nickname that characterizes me perfectly! My inner feeling corresponds to my nature as much as possible - I'm like a playful kitty - soft, gentle, and so fond of affection! Pet me and I will enjoy it, purring loudly, purrrr purrrr! I hope that's all I'll do with you, and I won't have to let my claws out! At least not until you want me to, hehe

About my partner

I really appreciate men's maturity, decision-making ability, responsibility. This is incredibly attractive to me, and to me, a true gentleman not only lets the lady go first but possesses these qualities, hehe! The only question is, are you willing to be a true gentleman for your Lady Kitty Cat? I hope that we will have at least similar points of view, let's check?


I like to take care of myself, regularly maintain my figure by doing sports, to be for my man the standard not only of inner beauty but also of outer one! After all, wouldn't you prefer a candy not only with a tasty filling but also with a beautiful wrapper? Also, I dream that one day I can share my passion for movies with my other half - is a movie night with popcorn and under a soft blanket a bad idea for a Friday night?

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searching for a mature man

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