Why Ukrainian Women Are So Popular

The popularity of Ukrainian women is beyond doubt. It seems that it is only a matter of time that Ukrainian girls will dethrone Russian women among the top interests of single western males, who are not that happy with their domestic ladies. The number of online dating services that offer Ukrainian women dating grows constantly. So, why are Ukrainian women are so popular? Is it their beauty or the real reason lies a little bit deeper? In order to find it out we need to dig into the following topics.

Ukraine women dating

Difference in Cultures

The first step to understanding the popularity of Ukrainian women is understanding their culture. Surely there is a difference between Ukrainian culture and western culture, but how big is it? The most confusing aspect is that western men believe that Ukrainian women culture is the same as the culture of Russian women.

In reality, women of Ukraine have more in common with women from western countries than with Russian girls. It doesn't mean that they are overly-emancipated and career-oriented. Women culture in Ukraine sees a woman as a central figure in the life of a man. Not vice versa as in Russian culture.

Marriages and Family Values of Ukrainian Women

Strong family is a top priority for women from Ukraine, but the most valuable part of the family is children and not husband as in Russian culture. Not that the man is considered as a mere tool for producing kids, but never try to stand between a Ukrainian mother and her child. If you can follow that simple rule, you get a perfect wife, who is most likely to be a fantastic cook and lover, and a highly-educated life-long partner with a great sense of humor.

meet Ukrainian women Ukrainian women are more independent than Russian women, and it is up to her to choose whether she wants to be a housewife or to build a career. So, while the baby boomers and representatives of Generation X are still hunting for Russian girls, the attention of Millennials is drawn to less archaic and more independent Ukrainian women.

How to Build Relationships With a Ukrainian Women?

Now that the popularity of Ukrainian women is explained, we need to figure out how to date a Ukrainian girl. When you wonder how to date a Ukrainian woman, apparently you understand that it may require knowledge of certain rules. Where can you meet Ukrainian women? That's simple, as you have only two options. Either you go to Ukraine or you register at one of those online services that offer Ukrainian women for date.

Language Barrier and How to Overcome It?

So, now you know how to meet women from Ukraine. Now you need to learn how to talk with her. The very first problem that most couples in which partners come from different countries and belong to different cultures face is the language barrier. When it comes to Ukrainian women, you are very lucky. Just as Russian girls, most of them have either bachelor’s or master’s degree. And most of them know English pretty well or at least on the basic level. And Ukrainian women like to improve their skills constantly, so if your Ukrainian girlfriend doesn't have a high level of English right now, she is most likely to gain it in the next couple of years. So, how to overcome the language barrier? Give it time and be patient.

How to Impress Ukrainian Women?

Women in Ukraine are known for their deep love for their homeland, so the best way to impress your Ukrainian girl is to learn a thing or two about Ukraine. Use Wikipedia, it can be a great help, but one thing you must learn by heart – never say that Russians and Ukrainians are the same or you can really lose your prospective Ukrainian girlfriend.

But that's online. Speaking of offline dating, women in Ukraine like when men handle different things. So, the best way is to arrange the first date on your own. That will really impress a Ukrainian girl and that will help you stand out from other foreigners and Ukrainian men. At the same time, if you have no idea what to do, it is absolutely okay for a Ukrainian girl if you ask her for advice.

Basic Dating Rules

In order to be successful in dating women of Ukraine, you need to learn a few simple dating rules. So, aside from arranging the date, you need to:

Be attentive to her

Ukrainian women like their men talking to them. So, whenever she's into a conversation you need to be ready to make a conversation with her. Be attentive, make sure that it is a dialog, but still, you shouldn't talk too much. Ask her some questions on the topic of your conversation to express your interest.

meet Ukraine womenListen to Her

Ukrainian girls like when men are able to listen to them. So, let her do the talking. It doesn't mean that you should keep silent for the whole evening, but don't turn it into talking only about yourself.

Make compliments

Tell her that she's beautiful and charming. Tell her that you like when she's smiling. But you must be careful with a Ukrainian woman. It is easy to flatter or overdo it. When you don't make compliments that often, she may think that you don't really like her. On the contrary, if you make too many compliments, she may think that you are being insincere.

Flirt with her

Flirting always works, so tease her whenever you have a possibility. But pick the right moment. When she's discussing something that is important for her, be attentive, otherwise you can spoil her good attitude towards you.

Show her that you are dependable

Ukrainian women seek comfort in men. So, show her that you're ready to be there for her when she needs you. Show that you are ready to protect her, and she's yours.

Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is something that always works with a Ukrainian girl. Make sure that you open the door and let her go first, pull the chair for her, and don't forget to stand up when she's leaving the table. One thing you must remember, you're paying for dinner, but if she insists on going dutch, just let her do that. But allow her that only if you are sure that it is her ultimate decision.


So, now you can clearly see why Ukrainian women are so popular and, which is more important, you know how to handle them. You have the set of rules to use in case you want to date a Ukrainian girl, but was unsure how to do it right. Of course, each girl should be approached individually, but this article gives you some general information that you need to know about and that you can use to benefit from dating a Ukrainian girl.

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