No one can know everything in this world. To ask a question is the oldest and most effective ways to get information. Nevertheless, not everyone knows how to use it. In this article, we have collected typical asking errors and useful tips concerning questions to ask in a relationship that will help you get to know your partner better.

The quality of the answer depends not only on whom we ask the question but also on how we ask it. By asking the wrong question, you are almost guaranteed to get the wrong answer. Today we will find out how to add novelty to your everyday grind by playing games with fun relationship questions.

would you rather questions list

What Is Would You Rather Question?

This game came to us from England, where it is considered traditional and still gathers its fans at a round table. You can play anywhere: in a cafe, in nature, at someone's house. If you come together and don't know what to do, invite your guests to play the "Would you rather questions" game or you can try it with your beloved one. Before you start the game, you need to properly prepare. It is better to organize everything by coming up with a would you rather questions list in advance. So, it will be much more convenient not to interrupt for thinking over what to ask.

Before starting, agree on all the nuances. For instance, clearly state what topics are a taboo for you and what you would like, on the contrary, to find out about your partner. While implementing "would you rather question," flirty tasks and dares into an online conversation, it is harder to match the boundaries. But you can always discuss in advance that if the interlocutor doesn’t feel quite comfortable answering a particular question, they do not have to. This game is aimed at getting to know a person by posing them questions one after another. Everyone decides for themselves how much of a risk they are ready to take.

This activity is a great way to push yourself to meet single women online because in a conversation on the web, you neither see the reaction of the partner nor they can watch your embarrassment. You become more open and can answer questions you would not enjoy receiving in real life. We do not mean only would you rather questions for adults concerning previous relationships or sexual preferences. Not everyone will dare to ask about the life plans or fears on the first date. But it is easier to do that online, and the interlocutor also has more time to think over the answer, text a few paragraphs without being interrupted and doesn’t need to worry so much about being misunderstood.

The classical version of the game means asking questions that start with "Would you rather …" and two or rarely more options for an answer. As a rule, the options are two extremes so that the person should choose between things that they agree with only partially or have never thought of before. That effect of a surprise forces to think fast and come up with a short response, then you can, of course, explain the choice and pose your question.

How to Personalize the Question?

Questions are a way of obtaining information and at the same time a way of switching the thoughts of the person with whom you are talking in the right direction (whoever asks questions controls the conversation). With the help of questions, we are building a bridge to the unknown and indefinite. And since uncertainty and suspense are a characteristic feature of the modern, rapidly changing world, the development of the ability to ask questions is very relevant. To learn how to ask questions correctly, you need to pay attention to the correctness of building an internal dialogue and study the main types of questions.

questions for couplesInternal dialogue

Questions to oneself organize our thinking and help us formulate thoughts. The relevance and quality, accuracy and consistency of the questions that arise in our head, affect to a large extent the effectiveness of most of the actions we take. To organize an internal dialogue, it is necessary to understand that its purpose is the analysis of any of the problems. For example, if you want to take older women seeking older men by a surprise, you should first ask yourself questions you would like to pose and think over the logical chain of conversation. In this way, you find out whether the person will understand your train of thoughts and make the most personalized question possible.

External dialogue

The importance and significance of it lies in the right questions, which are much better than a monotonous monologue. After all, the one who asks is the leader in the conversation. Also, with the help of would you rather question: naughty version, we show our interlocutor our interest in the conversation and its deepening. By asking, we express to the person the desire to establish good relations with them or to make them risk and feel the rush of adrenaline. But all this happens when the conversation does not look like an interrogation.

Therefore, before starting a conversation or use would you rather questions the dirty version, prepare a series of questions in advance and wait for the right time of the conversation (in a normal conversation, as soon as you touch on the topic you need). So, you will provide yourself with a psychological advantage.

Closed questions

The purpose of closed questions is to obtain an unambiguous answer (consent or refusal of the interlocutor), “yes” or “no.” They are the basic type of would you rather questions for couples as this game means the presence of choice under which there is a hidden desire to find out an information (“Would you rather not masturbate or not drink alcohol for a year?” “Would you rather try a new sex pose every day or have sex in the same pose for the rest of the life”) or attitude to something (“Do you prefer sex in a bed or unusual places?” “Are you comfortable with anal sex or no?”) to understand how to proceed. Closed questions (and yes or no answers to them) switch our efforts in a certain direction.

One should not immediately push a person, asking such questions, but pretend as if the person just preferred one of the alternatives possible. Give them the illusionary liberty of choice.

Open questions

They do not suggest a definite answer, make a person think and reveal the attitude to your proposal better. Open-ended questions are a good way to get new, detailed information, which is very difficult to obtain with closed-ended questions. Therefore, in a conversation, it is necessary to use open questions more often, in their numerous variations. Relationship discussion questions should be better open to reduce the stress from forcing the person into emotional defense.

  • Ask about facts that will help you understand the situation, “What is your opinion towards the gay community?”, “How often is it normal to have sex for you?”, “How should a couple solve difficult situations?”, “Who should be the main in a couple?”, etc.
  • Find out the interests of your interlocutor and the conditions for their satisfaction.
  • Find out your interlocutor’s attitude to the situation under discussion, “What do you think about this?”, “How do you feel about that?”

Confusing questions

Translate attention into the area of interest of the asker, which lies away from the main direction of the conversation. Such questions are asked either unintentionally (if you are interested in the topic of conversation, you should not ask about things that have nothing to do with it) or intentionally because of a desire to solve some of your problems and direct the conversation in the direction you need. If the interlocutor avoids your main question, saying that you got distracted from the initial topic of discussion, agree that it was wrong of you to arise sympathy and make the person feel understood, but at the same time, note that you want to consider and discuss your topic at another time.

Also, confusing questions are asked to simply get away from the topic of conversation, either because it is not interesting (if you value communication with this person, you should not do so), or it is inconvenient. For example, if you are preparing would you rather question for crush, come up with a few simple neutral questions so they lose their vigilance and then strike a surprise question. In this way, you will receive a sudden truthful answer.

How to Get a Partner to Answer These Questions?

The essence of the game is a fun pastime, which means that it is better not to ask questions that can remind a person of their gloomy past, which they are trying to forget with all their might. Do not ask awkward, intimate questions so that people who play do not want to fool you. It is unlikely that anyone will want to tell the truth when answering these questions. That is, to get a partner to answer, you should either use the techniques of the personalized questions from above or pose a simple question so that answering them doesn't make any troubles.

We advise you to avoid confidential questions, the purpose of which is to extract information that a person wants to keep secret. For example, cheating, religion, psychological betrayal are a forbidden topic for a conversation between people who do not know each other well.

  • It is better to ask about the pleasant moments of the past, personal preferences, memories, goals.
  • Be sure to include funny questions with a trick in the game. They will give the game a special spirit of fun.
  • It is better to discuss provocative questions in advance so as not to disagree with the player.
  • Ask questions in which answers suggest options to choose from. (More suited to provocative, tricky issues).

A question on the subject you are interested in should be asked unexpectedly, contrary to the previous logical chain of dialogue. For greater efficiency, a deliberate channel of conversation is created in a friendly mood, with a soft and kind smile, more than once emphasizing your confidence in the interlocutor. "Lulled" suspiciousness increases the chances of your suddenness. And if you worry in advance that your opponent will want to remain silent or laugh it off, or try to avoid the answer, for example, you can ask the question so loudly so that other people, interested in the answer, will hear it. Then with a large percentage of probability, you will receive a true answer.

Best Would You Rather Questions for Couples

The questions to ask a partner may be risky, controversial or direct. But what exactly to ask when it seems that you already know everything about your soulmate? We have prepared a list of 10 such topics for a conversation.

What part of your body is the most attractive and sexy?

Variations: "What would you like to change about your appearance?" "What part of your body you are the most insecure about?" Such questions between people who have already had some experience in dating will not appear rude because you can transform practically any answer into a compliment. Let’s say your partner answers they don’t like their nose, tell them that they have the most beautiful nose you have ever seen! Or if you do not want to lie, switch the focus towards their virtues and say how much you like their butt or eyes.

would you rather questionsWhat did the first date and the first kiss look like?

Of course, you are not checking your partner’s memory but want to know about his or her first date even if it was long before you. We tend to remember such romantic things forever, and it is a good positive thing to discuss first memories connected with dating or recall some funny stories about how awkward you were used to acting with your teenage crush.

Did you ever date someone with a big age difference?

Who knows, maybe your partner has a hidden fetish on younger or older partners, and you haven’t even discussed this topic. This is one of the questions to ask couples who have been together for not so long because it is funny to watch their reaction and further conversation.

What were the worst and most beautiful relationships you ever had?

Chances are you secretly wait for your partner to mention your relationship as an example of the latter. But do not pose a question if you are not ready to hear any answer. The one you do not want to hear included. Especially if you have been together for not so long, you both still do not have what to compare your relationship with. And in this way, the question will be automatically applied to the last experiences your partner had. You can just listen and remember what they mention to avoid similar mistakes.

What are you usually lying about to other people?

Once again, do not get mad if your partner answers "about sex" or "food you cook." This is a bit rude, and we hope that you will never receive such feedback. This question is controversial, but it opens a person from a different perspective. We are used to boasting about our virtues, but what about talking about your less pretty sides?

How would you spend a million dollars?

Jewelry? Investing? Helping parents or ill children? A great topic for discussion and a way to know something new about your partner, especially if your values do not coincide.

Have you ever kissed a person of the same sex?

"Was it a romantic kiss or part of a dare?" "If yes, what about something more?" "Have you ever loved a person of your gender?" The topic of orientation is highly important in today’s society. It shouldn’t be of the main focus, of course, if the person is with you, it means this is their choice. But it is always interesting to know the preferences of someone you are dating and know how this can influence your future.

What is the sexiest in men and women?

Someone said the sexiest part of your body should be your brain. After all, what makes us attractive to others? Charisma, butt or intelligence? This is the eternal question you can ask both people of your sex and the opposite, and the answers collected can be diametrically the opposite too.

What are you most afraid of in life?

Fears, insecurities, and traumas are a hard topic to discuss. But if you want to have close, serious relationships with a person, you may also want to know their best and their worst. Our fears reflect who we are, and while some people are afraid to lose their job, others may be scared of never being able to live a worthy life. Ask your partner about it and be a good listener as they open their soul.

What did you do if you become a person of the opposite sex for one day?

Who didn’t think about this at least once in their lives? We have all dreamt of stepping into somebody’s shoes, feel what it’s like to be a girl or a guy. It is another opportunity to see yourself with your partner’s eyes: do they want to try sex being in a different role? To wear unusual clothes or try heels? Or will their suggestions be more philosophical? Their feedback will show you what ideas about the social roles of men and women you partner has and what their impressions of you in general are.

So, having learned how to ask the right questions, you can get the information you need from the interlocutor, better understand them and find out their position and motives for actions, make the relationship between you more sincere and trustful, step up further cooperation, and also discover weaknesses and allow them to figure out what they are mistaken about. It is clear why psychologists are more likely to talk about the art of forming the right question, rather than the ability to simply pose them.

By playing "would you rather" you add novelty into your relationship, build a stronger bond between your couple and simple have a fun pastime. So, do not put it aside, think over what you would like to ask, prepare your list using the advice above and encourage your partner to tell the truth.

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