We all have been or still are single, yet it seems like we are constantly being pushed to starting a relationship since love and family are all sacred, thus single people can find themselves under pressure. But what if you don’t want a relationship? What if you do, but you have some issues, and you find it hard to deal with being single? This article is for you.

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How Other People See Your Single Status

Does the following phrase sound familiar? “You are such a great person, why don’t you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?” And this implies that a nice and successful person cannot lead a full life, with all the joys and good things that it has to offer, without having a romantic partner. But the reality is very different, 54% of all American women over 18 are unmarried. That is the majority, so why should they feel odd about their status?

As we’ve said, the society, as a whole, believes that married people are happier than single ones because marriage brings joy and it’s all magic and flowers, but reality is very different. There are many nuances to being single.

Pros and Cons of Being Single

Let’s first focus on the positives.


I will say right away that there are a lot of them, but despite this, I will list them all now.

  1. freedom and independence.
  2. freedom and independence.
  3. freedom and independence.

You see, it’s that easy, being single is better. Freedom is not just one small advantage of being single, it is an infinite number of advantages at once. You are the master of your life. You don’t even have to think that your partner will be offended if you stay to chat with friends after work or go to watch football on the weekend. No one will whine about the fact that you spend little time with them, don’t go to restaurants (concerts or anything else), after all, by not being single, you create some kind of incomprehensible black hole in your budget, into which all of your money seems to be sucked in.

And nobody will bother you with their problems each and every single day. And no one will cheat on you, your mother-in-law won’t suck the life out of you, no one will claim your living space (if there is one). You can add another million small upsides from everyday life to this list: you don’t need to date anyone, meet them at a certain place at a certain time, go shopping with them, and etc.

You can do anything at home - you want a gym, you want a place for rehearsals of your punk-rock band, you want your own office or everything at the same time? This problem is especially relevant when square meters are few. And don’t get me started on jealousy. Oh god, life without jealousy is so amazing. You are not bound to any partner, and so, if you find yourself tired of being single – you can lead communication with multiple people at once. After all, it is quite easy to find a good website to meet women online.

being single and happyCons

So, let's see what we have in terms of the cons of being single.

  1. No one will cook for you, no one will help you do the household chores. This disadvantage can be quite unnoticeable if a single person has a lot of experience living alone, then they will probably be just fine.
  2. The lack of regular sex. Yeah, sure, you can use certain online dating services for sex or use the services of prostitutes, but, to me, these two options don’t really sound great. Yes, and all sorts of diseases are not good at all.
  3. When the holidays come, and you have no one to meet them with, it becomes not just sad, it becomes very sad.

But we have to look at ways out of this situation. To spend the holidays with friends – they are not always available, so you cannot really rely on this option; with parents – are you kidding me? Holidays like Christmas and Easter can be spent with parents, but that’s it; I don’t often go to the night clubs (that is, if you are still young), but anyway, on Valentine's day there will be probably a lot of single people hanging around, and, for example, on New Year’s, you will be alone at the table as the last single person in your company. Suddenly, holidays and sex are the biggest issues when it comes to being single.

Vital Tips on Being Single and Happy

Here are some things to do when single and bored.

1. Spend more time doing the things you like

How to accept being single? Negative emotions feed themselves very well, and soon you will not notice that you actually limit yourself in many things, telling yourself that you do not deserve it. In order not to plunge into the swamp of depression even deeper, do not forget to please yourself with what you usually like, or what you think will please you. Pamper yourself at least once a day, and you’ll see that it changes a lot.

As with everything else, do everything smoothly and gradually. It is enough to do one thing, for example, to watch your favorite comedy or read jokes, and this will give you a dose of good mood for the whole day. Pamper yourself regularly. Add small pleasant events to your life: go to a restaurant or cafe, go to the movies or just go for a walk with your friends. Do not hurry. If you like gardening, plant one tree, if you are used to walking a lot, start with shorter walks. Gradually add more pleasant things to your life that delight you.

2. Help other people

How to cope with being single? Start helping other people to make yourself better. Activities of this kind help shift the focus of your attention from your own issues to other people whose troubles are likely to be more serious than yours - this method can be especially effective if you are overly inclined to introspection. Try not to overdo it with volunteering. If it seems to you that you are too tired of volunteering, then this is a sign that you are too zealous or simply not yet ready to engage in such work. Of course, this does not mean that you are not able to help others, but it is probably better for you to take care of yourself first.

3. Occupy yourself

How to be ok with being single? Try to keep yourself busy with something, this is a great way to get rid of negative thoughts that will constantly pop into your head if you do not know what to do. For people that suffer from negative thoughts and stress, it is often the most difficult thing to take the first step, but if you try and start doing something, you will do a lot to deal with being single. Here are some ways how to be single and happy.

Find yourself a hobby, try to get more pleasure from your favorite business, think more about what you like. A hobby does not have to be complicated or cost a lot of money. It should be just interesting and fascinating. Get yourself a pet. Daily pet care: feeding, grooming, playing, and so on can really help a person that feels alone. Animals are especially good because they do not judge the owner, they only love them, and do so sincerely.

Have a clear schedule of your daily activities. Get a schedule for every day, even an approximate one, and stick to it. Over time, you will feel that your day is full of many things, and when you are busy – you are not bothered by your own problems.

4. Attend social events

Do you find being single and happy hard? Being socially active is a great way to cope with loneliness and other negative aspects of being single. Regardless of whether or not you want to start a relationship and find your love in life, or you want to stay single and just hang around with people, have sex from time to time, attending social events will definitely help you not feel lonely.

How to be happy single? If you don’t know how many types of social events are out there – you are missing out, there are screenings, parties, class reunions, business conferences, conventions, fundraisers, music concerts, etc. And if you are a fan of something, of music, of cinema, literature, you will be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are actually lots of people that will be glad to spend time with you.

Fun Things to Do to Fight Depression from Being Single

how to be ok with being single1. Go in for sports

How to overcome the loneliness of being single? Recent studies have shown that exercise and regular physical activity are just as effective in treating depression as Zoloft, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). During physical activity, natural antidepressant chemicals are produced in the brain that makes us lead a more active lifestyle. Start fighting depression little by little - start with simple walks to the nearest store or just walk in the yard. Let these walks become part of your daily routine. Gradually increase the load, so that physical activity brings you pleasure.

How to fight depression over being single? Join your sports friends or start attending group workouts. Having partners will give you great motivation. You can also engage in such types of physical activity that allow you to splash out your emotions, for example, kickboxing.

Sports are another great way to play sports regularly, focus on self-improvement and meet new people. According to some studies, people involved in sports are less likely to experience symptoms of depression. Choose a sport that helps you calm down and distract from negative thoughts, just don't overdo it. Start attending workouts or join a team in your area. Try to devote yourself to these activities as much as possible. Do not miss classes, even if you are not in the mood from time to time.

2. Take care of your appearance

Are you depressed about being single for so long? Don’t forget about your appearance. Depression makes it so easy to start neglecting yourself. Pay special attention to your appearance, start looking after yourself, and your mood will improve. Make a new hairstyle or buy new clothes, this will certainly cheer you up and add confidence. Try to focus on the qualities that you like about yourself and try to forget about what you don't like about yourself, this is the way to fight depression from being single.

3. Start keeping a depression diary

Write down your feelings and keep a diary where no one finds it. In this diary, you will write down your darkest thoughts, not at all restraining yourself, after all, you will not have to be afraid that someone will read it and judge you. The diary will become your assistant in the fight against depression, it will be a dumb witness to the improvement of the situation. Try to make diary entries every day.

4. Look for the good in everything

Sit down, relax, and think about all the good things in your life. At first, this list may be small, maybe it will consist of only two items, for example, “my home” and “my family,” but try to regularly return to this list and replenish it. Over time, it will certainly become longer. This list will allow you to find more positive things in your life. Replace negative thoughts with memories of moments in the past when you were happy or experienced joyful emotions. You can control what you think. Try to think only about the positive things around you, happy moments of the past and drive away any sad thoughts.

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