I strongly doubt that you will be able to find a person who has never heard about bachelor's parties. This is are a very old tradition. Usually, it involves spending a long night celebrating the last free days before a person gets married. In some cases, this celebration is very controversial. This is why there are so many myths and rumors about this tradition. Even Hollywood supports some of those myths in their movies. For example, The Hangover. To be honest, those myths exists not without a very good reason. After all, many celebrities were involved in cheating scandals during or after their bachelor parties.

However, let's not treat this pleasant tradition as a reason to start a scandal or cheat on someone. If a person wants to cheat, he or she can easily find a single girl online to do cheat on. At the same time, if you are talented or crazy enough, you will manage to turn any celebration into a scandal. Thus, there is nothing special about bachelor parties that can turn them into ceremonies of infidelity. In this article, we are going to treat the bachelor ceremony as a serious milestone in a person's life, and like a reason to spend quality time with friends.

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When did the bachelor party tradition appear?

As you already know, the bachelor's party is a very old tradition. To be honest, it is pretty hard to track the roots of this old tradition, because just like many other modern holidays, the idea of arranging a bachelor's party came from ancient Greece. According to the historian, humans started to have bachelor's parties in the 5th century B.C. They used to celebrate the last free night of the groom before he becomes committed to his lady. They used to arrange huge feasts and invited many friends.

It is clear that their bachelor party rules are very far from what we have now. Even though dating and relationships have always been among the most important things for people of any race, nation, and origin, those Spartan warriors arranged bachelor parties for their fellow-soldiers to pledge their loyalty to their brothers-in-arms. Surely, they used to call this celebration differently. In fact, the word "bachelor" became popular in the 15th century. Geoffrey Chaucer's used it in his collection of 24 stories. However, bachelor's parties became what we know today only at the beginning of the 20th century.

People in the early 20s of the 20th century believed that a bachelor party is just another form of a dinner party. However, even then some people arranged rather noisy and loud ones. Even in the 19th century, there are examples of "the party went wrong" situations. Hence, in 1896, a very famous even took place. It was called "Seeley Bachelor Party Orgy." During this party, there were rumors that a very famous belly dancer was nude during the party and performed "immoral dances." As you can see, this event has always been associated with "indecent" activities.

Who plans the bachelor party?

When people talk about bachelor party planning, they often forget about who needs to plan it. Quite often, a groom sits with his friends, and they plan everything together. This is at the same good and bad. After all, you just can't make a good bachelor party plan if you don't involve the groom in planning. At the same time, if a groom is closely involved in planning, it will be almost impossible to surprise him. Thus, in the majority of cases, a future husband asks his best friend to plan everything, and they only consult concerning important questions.

So, in the majority of cases, the groom's best friend is responsible for planning his bachelor's party. After all, who if not him can know more than anyone else about the groom's interests, hobbies, and relationships with his significant other. If you are this best man, then you need to analyze all those factors about your best friend to create a picture of what you can plan for his bachelor party. If you don't feel confident enough, and he has already asked you to do this for him, you can also ask other people to help you.

A Bachelor's party is not a very big event, and it doesn't require too much planning. Sadly, this means that there are not so many professional services who would agree to plan everything for you. At the same time, in every city, you can find various services like renting busses, pool houses, and other interesting activities. All those things can help you make a truly pleasant party for your friend. You are his best men, and there is no hiding from the fact that planning his bachelor party is completely on you, but this doesn't mean that you can't seek help or consult with the groom.

What to do for a bachelor party: original ideas for a celebration

Probably every "best man" wants to know how to plan a bachelor party. Luckily, you have found this website, and we are going to help you with the best bachelor party ideas. We are not going to include strippers and night clubs in our list, because those are obvious and rather boring activities. Arranging a bachelor party in a strip bulb is not a pleasant classic, but a sign of tastelessness. Why don't you arrange something unique and truly interesting for your friend?

1. A poker night

First of all, you need to understand that it is better to avoid playing on real money, at least, at the very beginning of your party. However, don't stop those who voluntarily want to make real bets. Thus, it will be just perfect if you prepare fake casino chips for you and your friends. Also, don't forget about the bear and a nice BBQ. This party won't harm your budget at all.how to plan a bachelor party

2. Go camping

If you have a nice lake or river nearby, then you have a nice opportunity to arrange a camp bachelor party. Collect, food, drinks, music, and necessary equipment. Make sure that you can be fishing at this place. In any case, sharing a beer with friends under the starry sky is just a perfect contrast to the insane rush of the wedding.

3. Golf or other sports

At this point, you need to analyze your other friends too. After all, not all of them may be into golf or other sports. This means that they may feel forced and uncomfortable. So, chose this activity only if you know that the groom and all his friends are okay with it.

4. Whiskey tasting

This one is not going to be cheap, because our task is to find a bar where they serve many different types of this drink or buy bottles yourself. If your budget can afford this, then you can combine this idea with any other one. This will definitely let you class-up any other bar experience.

5. A road trip

Do you have some fun and curious places around your city? Maybe in a neighboring state? In this case, you can arrange a real road trip to this attraction. Rest assured, your best friend will never forget this. Furthermore, it is completely fine if your trip will take more than a day, just choose the date carefully.

6. Video games

Did you know that plan a bachelor party, you don't need to spend tens of thousands of dollars? Find a person among you, who has the biggest TV screen, and arrange a gaming party there. Pile up with strategic reserves of beer, whiskey, snacks, and other tasty things to eat, and spend a quality night killing each other in some funny game.

7. Go skiing

This one is for those who know a thing or two about fitness. Skiing combines the best side activity and relaxation. You can believe me that whiskey and beer taste much better after several runs on the slopes. Those who would like to avoid slopes can start with the second part of the entertaining.

8. Rent a holiday cottage

In the case, if your friend decided to invite many people to his party, it is much cheaper to rent a beach house than a hotel. This is a perfect opportunity to experience a pleasant vibe of house parties. Plus, chances are high that you and your friends will pass out (just don't pass out before the groom). After all, this is the main goal of every nice party, right?

9. Play strike or paintball

I am sure that in your city many companies offer such services. The best thing about this idea is that it gives you plenty of topics to discuss during your alcohol party late at night. Of course, the groom's team must win, and, without a single doubt, they shouldn't know that you are letting them win.

10. Go rafting

Have no idea what to do for a bachelor party? Go rafting! Today, many different companies offer well-planned, multi-day rafting trips for those who are not afraid of it. The best part is that this is perfectly suitable if the groom doesn't drink alcohol and want to remain sober.

Tips for planning a bachelor party

When you are the one who plans the bachelor party, it is not just enough to keep in mind some nice things to do for a bachelor party. To make everything right, you need to know all those small tips and tricks which help to avoid pitfalls. Yes, maybe this is not the biggest celebration in your friend's life, but you should understand that planning a bachelor party is a pretty hard task. To make your life easier, we decided to collect the most important tips for those who have to plan and arrange bachelor's parties for their best friends.

1. Talk to the groom

The groom is the one for whom you arrange this celebration. Thus, your task is to please this person and make him happy. This is why it is so important for you to consult with him and learn his opinion concerning the planned aspects of the party. However, there is no reason for you to spill all the secrets and surprises that you plan. Stick to the general questions.

2. Work on the guest list

Feel free to do it together with your friend. He may want to invite someone you don't know to your party. Maybe he wants to invite some relatives? Also, it is crucial to make this step before everything else. Thus, you will know the potential size of your budget. Also, don't add anyone to the list by yourself.

3. Financial matters

The groom should never pay for his bachelor party. This is one unbreakable rule. Hence, your task is to create an affordable for everyone budget, which will cover all expenses during the bachelor party. It is crucial to understand that every invited person may not have a big potential when it comes to budget.bachelors party

4. Set the suitable for everyone date

This one is easier than planning a budget, but even more important. You can throw some ideas and see which one will world for everyone else. Needless to say that you all must be sure that the groom is free and can spend time with you. After all, there is no bachelor party without the groom. The earlier you do this, the better.

5. Chose the idea

In fact, the next few steps completely depend on your desires. For example, if you have chosen to rent a beach house, then you much check whether it is available and plan the logistics. At the same time, things are going to be less complicated if you plan something within your city.

6. Work on logistics

Yes, it is up to you to help others get to the desired destination. Even if you plan an activity near the local lace, you still will have to rend busses or call a taxi. However, you can completely forget about this one if you plan to spend the bachelor party in the nearby bar.

7. Buy supplies

While, in some cases, you can completely forget about logistics, you should never forget about supplies. During your party, you all will have to eat and drink something. So, it is very important to make sure that everyone has everything he needs to be happy and spend quality time among friends.

8. Create a team

Yes, you are going to plan everything yourself. However, this doesn't mean that you need to do everything alone. In fact, you even should create a team with other guys. Rest assured, they will be willing to help you arrange this party.

9. Don’t exhaust yourself

If you exhaust yourself, you won't enjoy the fruit of your labor. After all, you are the groom's best friend, and he wants you to enjoy this party too. The same goes for the number of events and entertainments during your party. If you are planning something intense, then, at the very least, you can stockpile on coffee.

10. Watch over the groom

Keep in mind that your friend is engaged, and starting a family life with cheating is definitely the worst thing. So, watch over him, and immediately stop him if he is drunk enough to do something he will regret later.

If your best friend chooses you to arrange a bachelor party for him, it means that he trusts you and believes in you. Don't let this putt additional pressure on you. Instead, try to understand that you are the only one who can help him with this and that your bachelor's party will be the best in his life. Thus, try to relax and enjoy everything you will do for your friend. I am sure that you will do everything just fine and your friend will truly enjoy the party you planned and arranged for him.

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