Women just love compliments. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to suppose that compliments were invented to make women happy. Every woman wants to be appreciated. In order to do that, a man should make a woman feel special. Personal romantic relationships and the art of pick-up depend on compliments. And there are many funny compliments for women out there. Because it is not enough to just love or like a woman. It is also very important to prove your liking. Read the following guide to know all about compliments for women.

compliments women love

Do Women Like Compliments?

Women definitely like compliments. Moreover, they like to be flattered. You can easily overrate a woman’s appearance or personality without any harm. Hearing compliments make women think better about themselves. And women think about themselves all the time. A true woman desires to be appreciated for who she is. Therefore, women are very attentive to your approach and attitude in relationships. Women like to talk and making compliments is essential for having a good conversation. But it is not just about making compliments for the sake of making compliments. Compliments Ukrainian women love are all about highlighting their unique individuality and showing your appreciation. You should be attentive to the details in order to make your compliments work.

You Are Unique and Special

This is one of the best compliments women love to hear. Everybody wants to feel special, not only women. However, it is essential for a woman to feel that way. And it is true that every woman has a unique individuality. Therefore, all women are special. You need to look for the ways in which your woman is special. Think about how and why your woman is special. What distinguishes her from other women? Why do you like her? Ask yourself these questions and tell your woman why she is special and why you chose her.

You Have Beautiful Hair/Eyes/Nose/Face/Lips/Cheeks

Complimenting a woman’s appearance works best if you highlight facial beauty of a woman. Complimenting her legs, breasts or buttocks might be considered sexist. A lot of women don’t like men who focus entirely on these features. After all, it is a woman’s face that distinguishes her most. A woman’s face deserves to be appreciated because it has unique beauty. Choose something you like because it’d be strange to just say that “you have a beautiful face”. It doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, say something like “your nose is cute” or “your cheeks remind me of a drawing of an angel I once saw”.

You Are Great in Bed

This is one of the spiciest compliments to women. Providing you’ve already had an intercourse, you should compliment her performance in bed. Moreover, you simply can’t afford criticizing it, even to yourself. All people are very sensitive to how their sexual performance is graded. Everybody does everything he or she can. Therefore, you should tell your woman how incredible her choice of positions is or how passionate she is in bed. This will only increase your chances to make your bond with a woman more solid.

You Are Funny

Humor is essential part of our lives. Without laughter a life would be an intolerable mistake. And fun is one of the reasons people spend time with each other. Telling a woman that she’s funny can sound offensive in some cases. It is like saying “you’re strange” which indicates that somebody’s special but at the same time can also mean that somebody is awkward. Therefore, you should imply that a woman makes your life funnier in a way that she’s able to make you laugh. In other words, you should compliment her humor. Say that her jokes make you feel happier. And remember that a day without laughter is a day wasted.

compliments women love to hear You Look Gorgeous / Spectacular / Amazing / Incredible / Astonishing / Awesome

There are two kinds of compliments women love to hear. Some are about appearance and some are about inner beauty (mind). Start by complimenting a woman’s appearance. Don’t go for particular details like her figure or the way she walks. Just compliment her looks altogether using some strong epithets. You should sound like a poet because a casual compliment is not as effective as the one that references some romantic literature.

Your Dress is Terrific

Women like clothes. That is a fact. Complimenting a woman’s clothes is always effective. Moreover, they buy and wear clothes in order to be appreciated more by you. Therefore, you need to make a woman aware that you’ve noticed her new dress or a pair of shoes. Even if you don’t think anything about the way she dresses, pretend that you are because it is important. A complete disregard of a woman’s clothes might most likely offend her. And it is true that men often do that.

You Are Smart/Intelligent/Deep/Thorough

Complimenting a woman’s mind is just as important as complimenting her appearance. The compliments women like most are those that go beyond superficial features. For example, it takes a second to decide whether a woman is beautiful or not or if you’re physically attracted to her. But, it takes some time to know whether she’s smart or not. Therefore, complimenting a woman’s intelligence automatically means that you know her better and look past what is obvious. Everybody wants to be smart just like everybody considers himself or herself beautiful. And everybody is smart in his or her individual way. Therefore, point it out to your woman. And it is not just about intellect. It is more about having a rich inner world.

You Are Kind / You Are a Good Person

Most people consider themselves to be kind. Nobody will ever intentionally admit that he or she is bad. And most people try to be kind as hard as they can. Telling your girl that she’s kind is definitely on the list of compliments for girls. Moreover, women are much kinder than men. Being a good person is a great achievement in life. Therefore, make sure your woman knows that she’s doing great at being a kind person.

You Are Gentle/Passionate/Cute

Cute compliments for girls are usually pretty meaningless. It really is hard to say who is gentle and what passion is. Most people approach such subjects individually. Everybody has his or her own idea of passion. Arguing about what is cute and what’s not is like arguing about individual tastes. However, to each his own, as the saying goes. These vague compliments are, nevertheless, important. Being gentle, cute, and passionate are traditional feminine attributes. Most women are gentle, cute, and passionate. Therefore, saying that proves to a woman that you think of her as a woman. And every woman wants her feminine features to be acknowledged.

I Like Spending Time with You

Romantic relationships are all about spending time together. You do it because you both like. Thus, it won’t hurt to just state the obvious.

You Are a Good Friend

Partners in romantic relationships are not just lovers. They also support each other and provide friendly services. Moreover, saying that she’s a great friend evaluates her social behavior. Everybody wants to be appreciated as a friend. But don’t let her think that it means your relationships. On the contrary, evaluate her relationships with other people and always take her side.

You Are Supportive/Caring/Understanding

Being supportive, caring, and understanding is what brings success to personal relationships. If partners act like that, it’s definitely so that they are happy together. You should compliment her behavior in a relationship.

cute compliments for girlsYou Are Talented

Every person is good at something. Perhaps, you woman draws or writes poems. Maybe she rides a horse or plays a violin. Whatever it is that she does, you should compliment her talent. Make sure that you appreciate what she does and that she’s good at it.

You Are My Single Most Favorite Person

This is much like the one about how special she is. However, it is different in that it comes from your perspective. You should say that she’s the one to you. Your woman alone must mean the world to you. Not only does it make her feel special but it makes you feel special for her.

You Are Interesting to Talk To

Again, conversations are very important. Most women like to talk more than they like to have sex. Therefore, you should be just as profound in talking as you are in bed. Compliment her conversation style. Say that you can talk to her infinitely.

You Are Strong

Modern woman are very strong. Not in physical sense but emotionally. They like to feel independent because of the modern developments in gender roles. Women are not equal to men. Therefore, complimenting her strengths shows that you think of her as of a modern woman. Every woman wants to be strong, even though they still want men to support them.

I Like the Smell of Your Hair

Complimenting how she smells is original. It is important to compliment her smell and not the smell of a perfume. Usually, hair smells best. But the choice is all yours.

You Walk Like a Model

Women walk not like men. Women walk like they’re on a stage. Men, on the contrary, rush all the time or don’t care about how they walk altogether. The way a woman walks can say much about her personality. Compliment her because she makes an effort walking on high heels the whole evening for you to notice.

You Are a Great Daughter/Sister/Mother

Romantic relationships are the foundation of all families. By complimenting her approach to family you reassure her that she handles personal relationships effectively.

You Make Me Happy

Finally, this is the strongest one. Partners who really love each other are both happy in a relationship that truly works.

All in all, now you know some of the effective and funny compliments for women. Use them in order to win her heart. Good luck!

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