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Receiving gifts is always a pleasure. But it is even more pleasant to give them. The beginning of a relationship is a special period when you want to please your beloved a lot and often.

But you can stumble on certain difficulties. You still know little about the preferences of each other, and so you do not want to make a mistake. Do not recklessly use other people's ideas for gifts. But these ideas can nudge you in the right direction, and you'll give a surprise with your own original presentation.

In this article:

  • Gift ideas for a new relationship
  • New relationship Christmas gifts
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Best gifts for new relationships

New relationship gift ideas for her:

Usually, at the very beginning of the relationship too expensive and obliging to any reciprocal gestures gifts are not presented. But, in any case, the gifts should be nice and pleasant. But the most important thing is that the gift should please the person to whom it is intended. Of course, if you know each other for a long time, then you are likely to have some idea about the tastes of your chosen one. But if your acquaintance occurred not so long ago, you should independently ask the lady of your heart about what she likes. In addition, there are gifts that can inadvertently offend the girl.

Here is the beginning of a relationship ... What to give your beloved? In fact, it is not necessary to rack your brains and be too afraid to make a mistake. There are many pleasant and romantic gifts that your lady of the heart will surely like. What can it be?

Let's list the possible great gifts for new relationships:

  • Soft toys. Here, of course, there are nuances. First, you can give a toy only if you know exactly what the girl likes. Secondly, forget about the movies, where the guy gives his chosen teddy bear, occupying half of the room. Choose something small that won't take up too much space and collect dust. A good option is a bouquet that has a toy as an addition. Or a toy pillow will also be useful. Decorate the room of your beloved and a beautiful small porcelain doll.
  • A box of the author's chocolate. This is nice and romantic. But if your chosen one is very worried about your figure, you can present her with a basket of candied fruits and nuts, for example.
  • If you know the literary preferences of your girlfriend, you can present a beautiful gift book of poems by her favorite author.
  • A good perfume - is also a great answer to the question of what to give your girlfriend at the beginning of the relationship. The younger your chosen one is, the more delicate the fragrance should be.

But, at the very beginning of the relationship, you should not give:

  • Underwear. First, this is too personal a gift that can spoil the touch of the moment. Secondly, you can simply not guess with the size, color, and style.
  • A gym or fitness membership. Such a "harmless" gift girl can perceive as a hint at the imperfection of her figure.
  • Cosmetics and body care products. Again - you can not guess your tastes, and you can offend.
  • Clothes or shoes. You're not yet close enough for such gifts, which can be classified, rather, as family gifts.
  • Jewelry and bijouterie. Here again, you can miss the mark with your preferences, and expensive jewelry is usually presented only when the relationship is strong.

Gift ideas for men new relationship:

Choosing a gift is an individual approach. But if you want to make a gift memorable and enjoyable, there are a few recommendations that can help.

  • Men are practical creatures. And, if possible, the gift should choose the same;
  • Give gifts that will not be impersonal. Let them remind you of you. For example, add a card signed by your hand;
  • Do not give expensive and binding gifts that hint at seriousness;

The following options include a variety of gifts: handmade, inexpensive, and ready-made.

Watch and be inspired.

  • T-shirt with a print. Quite a budget gift. And you can present it in an original way;
  • Bracelet. If you notice that the man wears such accessories, you can choose a stylish option. For example, made of leather and with a metal plate, which can be engraved;
  • Tickets. Depending on their interests, they can be to the cinema, to a sports match or concert. This is a nice gift, and you can keep a man company; The following options include different gifts: handmade, inexpensive, and ready-made.
  • Belt. Practical thing, which will not be thrown in the far corner of the closet. A quality product will find its use;
  • Certificate to visit the quest room, which you can go with friends or just the two of you;
  • A leather or wood-covered diary or notebook;
  • A handy and stylish thermos cup that you can put your own image or engraving on;

New relationship xmas gift ideas

Christmas gift ideas new relationship for her:

Stylish accessories

 To placate the next year's symbol, it's important to remember his preferences. Rabbit, the symbol of 2023, likes practical gifts that will be useful in everyday life, at work, or on vacation. It is worth rejecting the gift of mirrors, towels, money, and cosmetics in the form of shampoos, shower gels, and creams. 

Gadgets for health and beauty 

Beauty gadgets help girls maintain beauty and health. If you know for sure that such a gift can be on your girlfriend's wish list, go in search of a suitable option. We offer a few ideas: 

  • Multifunctional stylers for curling, drying, and straightening hair. Ultrasonic scrubbers for cleansing and moisturizing facial skin. Heated massage cushion.
  • Humidifiers with aroma lamp function.
  • A compact gadget that allows you to humidify and fragrance the air.
  • Hot tub. For foot skincare and a relaxing massage.

Romantic gift

 Treat your other half with a romantic gift. It can be:

  • A joint photo shoot. Think of images and locations, prepare costumes, and make arrangements with the photographer.
  • Scratch card. Scratch card manufacturers offer versions of cards with wishes, date plans, and tasks for couples.
  • Poster. For example, the location of the stars in the sky on a day is meant to the couple.
  • Projector. With it, you can organize a home cinema hall and together watch your favorite movies.
  • Gift by your own hands. Assemble a gift box, cook something delicious, and collect a photo album of joint memories of the past year.

Christmas gift for guy new relationship:

  1. Razor.

A razor or a razor sharpener is useful for the man who wants to achieve maximum facial smoothness. Of course, the T-shaped metal model looks more impressive than the usual plastic one. But not everyone wants to take risks and closely monitor every movement so as not to cut themselves. In this case, it is better to present a quality electric razor.

2. A wireless charger

This charger will help recharge the batteries of compatible smartphones, smartwatches, and headphones without the hassle of wires. In some cases, the gadgets are recharged just as quickly as they are via cable.

3. Tabletop game

This gift will help diversify winter gatherings with friends. The lover of active entertainment will suit a sports game, and a real geek can be given a board game based on his favorite movie or book.

Valentine`s day gifts for new relationship

Best valentine gift for a new relationship for her:

  • Jewelry (ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, chain, necklace, pendant, cross) here there is a wide variety of products made of different metals (gold, silver, platinum) and stones (agate, amethyst, diamond, pearls, emerald, sapphire, topaz, cubic zirconia, Swarovski stones, zirconia, etc;)
  • A balloon flight. This is probably the cherished dream of every girl - to rise high above the clouds and enjoy a romantic flight;
  • A trip to the SPA salon, for a massage or relaxing services. Here you can choose an option for one person, two, or even a group vacation. This gift will suit every girl.

Valentine gifts for him new relationship:

1. Travel. Give your beloved a vacation abroad or at one of the resorts. Do not deny yourself the pleasure - repeat your honeymoon by keeping your husband or boyfriend company;

2. Concert tickets. Of the cheaper activities - a quest, a play, or a movie screening. A visit to a water park or planetarium would not be a bad option. In February, you can also just go sledding or skating;

3. A flight in a balloon. A romantic gift for two. Also, suit a walk on horses or a joint visit to a spa. Calm, relaxing entertainment that will nevertheless bring a lot of emotions.

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