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Valentine's Day Gifts

For Women

Men spend a ridiculous amount of time in search of gifts for Valentine's Day. Most men spend so much time on it, but there are also those, who can ask, "When is Valentine's Day 2019?" It sounds ridiculous, but it can't be helped. Thus, to make it easier on all the men out there, we have compiled a list of gifts for your female partners for the Valentine's Day 2019. The girls are all different, but it is difficult to find one who would not like to receive gifts. To leave a girlfriend on February 14th without a gift is to sign a death sentence on the existing relationship. It is necessary to approach the choice of a gift with all seriousness because if your girlfriend does not like a gift, you will have to endure her resentment for a long time.

Expensive gifts

What’s the best Valentine's Day 2019 gift for a woman? As in every year, it is gold or silver jewelry. Of course, every Ukrainian woman wants to get a ring on this day, but guys should know that a girl may perceive this ring not only as a declaration of your love but also as a marriage proposal. If the wedding is not included in the nearest plans, it is better to buy a heart-shaped pendant, beautiful earrings or a bracelet. For girls who spend more time in front of a computer than in front of a mirror, you can buy a USB flash drive in a beautiful jewelry case. There are mics with different patterns, headphones with rhinestones or fur, and portable players of pink color. On Valentine's Day, you can get your girlfriend a camera, a digital photo frame, an e-book, or a mobile phone.

Sweet gifts

If a girl loves sweets and does not count calories, you might use this to your advantage as well by choosing a sweet gift. The ideal choice would be a big chocolate heart. An unusual set of chocolates would be suitable as well, it can be decorated in the form of a bouquet, and it can be delivered in a basket or as a multi-layered cake. Now it’s easy to order a cake with love confessions, photos and all that stuff on it. The main thing to keep in mind is that your girlfriend has to feel like it was made specifically for her! It will be especially pleasant for a girl to receive something that her man has put a lot of effort into, thus, it is important to show your diligence.

For Men

valentine's day giftsInexpensive gifts

On Valentine's Day 2019, it is not necessary to buy expensive gifts. On this day, your beloved partner will more appreciate attention, love, and affection than the value of a gift. Even an inexpensive trinket in the form of a romantic heart should be presented in such a way that makes it shine with happiness and love. There are gifts that cannot be bought, but they are very expensive!

The most affordable and most symbolic gift for a guy on Valentine's Day is Valentine's card. You can buy a beautiful card with a declaration of love for a man you love or make it with your own hands. A balloon in the shape of a heart will look somewhat original, yet you can make your own spin on it, by covering with lots of letters and various pieces of paper.

Another unusual idea is to gift a cactus in the shape of the heart. In order not to destroy a living plant, it is better to get a plasticine cactus and stick it into a small pot. There are lots of ways to customize an existing product, yet you can always make one yourself, and it isn’t that hard really. Just don’t get the cheapest one out there because it will look lame. Valentine's Day flowers are always an option.

What are some other Valentine's Day gifts for men? For a talented girl, it will not be difficult to prepare a song for a man she loves and congratulate him with personal performance. If she has no voice, and the poems do not pop up in her head, one can make a portrait or any other piece of art in general. You can blast your man with lots of love messages. These, as you can probably guess, should contain kind and gentle worlds of love, but don’t go overboard if you don't want to get annoying with your spam. You can also write a lot of notes that contain your emotions and thoughts towards your man and place them around the house and even in your boyfriend’s back pocket.

Tasty gifts

On 2019 Valentine's Day you should not forget about delicacies. It is difficult to find a man who is indifferent to delicious food. February 14 is an excellent occasion to pamper your loved one with delicacies and show him your culinary skills. You can cook anything: cookies, cake, pizza, pie, pancakes or steaks. The most important thing is to present it in the shape of the heart. Lots of possible decorations can be utilized, for example, greens, sauces, sprouts, etc. If you don't cook, it is not a reason to stand aside. You can lay out slices of sausage or sushi on a plate in the shape of a heart, turning them into a romantic dish! Even a simple cake will do if you make them with love and attention to a person you love, nothing else matters in this.

Valentine's Day Ideas

Here are some Valentine's Day 2019 ideas that we've come up with.

For Women

Here are some Valentine's Day gift ideas for her: first off, there is no need to think that all women are bounty hunters and are delighted only when they receive expensive jewelry and electronics. Hand-made gifts can cause tears of happiness and indescribable joy in a girl in love. She will appreciate the fact that a loved one has spent time and invested a piece of their soul in the craft. There are lots of possible Valentine's Day date ideas, for example, a romantic dinner, a trip abroad, a wild night of partying, it’s all up to you.

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, it is very easy to make an original declaration of love. There are lots of ways to do it, you can decorate an expensive bottle of wine or champagne with red ribbons, letters and lots of other stuff. It is important not to ruin an original design since your changes could make the overall look of a bottle (or any gift) a lot worse. Another idea is the key to the heart. This is a literal key that opens up a heart-shaped lock, whether that would be a chest or something else, this is a very creative way of showing your feelings, yet it may be quite hard to find or craft one.

Valentine's Day gift for her can be made with your own hands. Guys who have not lost their natural skills to hold tools in their hands can make beautiful wooden chests for their beloved girls. It is easy to create a roomy chest even from the thick cardboard, and you can cover it will leather, ribbons, jewelry and etc. You can even make a stand for her jewelry, it is easy to make, and it will surely find its use.

But what about some Valentine's Day ideas for men?

For Men

What are some other things to do for Valentine's day 2019? By and large, on Valentine's Day, you can give almost everything. A beloved man will be happy to receive a leather belt or an original passport cover, automatic umbrella or wallet, a good key chain or a stylish key holder, a cigarette case or a cigarette lighter as a gift.

It is appropriate to present a student with an unusual pen, and a travel lover will like a folding knife, a compass or a flashlight. If a man drives a car, then you can buy something useful for his car, for example, a car mug, a cup holder or an air freshener, the main thing is to make sure that he hasn't had this thing yet.

Intimate Gifts

On Valentine's Day, you can and should give intimate gifts. The most modest of them is beautiful underwear with a funny picture or a symbolic inscription. If desired, inscribed briefs with a declaration of love or a photo can be ordered online. On the same website, you will be able to order a t-shirt, a mug or a beanie, so you have a lot of products to choose from. valentine's day ideasMore eloquent surprises, with the help of which you will surely get to pleasantly surprise your loved one, are sold in sex shops, don’t be afraid of visiting them. You should never exclude something like that from your list of Valentine's Day ideas.

Valentine's Day Messages

  • "On Valentine's Day, it is customary to wish love. I wish that the heart of joy and happiness beat in tune with our hearts. Love inspires good and beautiful deeds; our relationships are filled with understanding and shared dreams."
  • "Congratulations on Valentine's Day and I wish that love will never leave your heart, I wish to be happy and joyful. I love you as you are and wish to never leave your side."
  • "Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you pure, true, faithful, mutual, unique, sincere and endless love! Let loving eyes glow with happiness brighter than all the stars in the sky!"
  • "Love inspires and gives hope. I would like to congratulate you on this wonderful holiday and say that being in love is wonderful and there is nothing else like it in the world! I wish that all people on Earth could experience this magnificent feeling just as I feel it towards you. And I also wish all lovers unearthly happiness, unlimited love, mutual understanding and respect, just as I have in a relationship with you. I wish this love to make you stronger, braver, kinder, you should experience only joy, tenderness, and affection in your life. I love you!"
  • "On Valentine's Day from the bottom of my heart, I want to wish you incredibly bright and sincere love, good emotions and warmth of heart, I wish you the extraordinary joy of the soul and an undeniable feeling of happiness."
  • "On Valentine's Day, I want to never ever think of betraying my dream of believing in our love, I want you to see my love toward you, fly in the clouds of happiness and never let go of your hand, make beautiful and good deeds together with you."
  • "On Valentine's Day, I wish you patience in a relationship with me. I know that I can be quite a dumbass, I can be irrational and mean, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you. I do, and I wish this love to never end."
  • "As the force of attraction brings the planets together, so love unites people, despite the different characters, tastes, and interests. To love means not to look at each other but to look into each other. I don’t ever want to stop looking into you, I always keep finding new and amazing things in you. Happy Valentine's Day!"
  • "Happy Valentine's Day! Let our love be strong, thus, I have a challenge for you. I want us to duel our feelings, we have to show our love and care for each other. We will try to top each other in this, and there will be no one as dedicated to this in this world like us."
  • "I wish you all the best this life has to offer. Whatever happens, whether I go or not, you should never find yourself alone or sad. You deserve everything in this world, and I am glad to try my best to give it to you, no matter what it takes. Happy Valentine's Day!"
  • "Love is the feeling about which thousands of poems were composed, millions of novels were written and for which countless great things were done. We have this feeling between us, we are our own poets, we are our own superheroes, and I wish us to never stop creating new manifestations of our love."
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