Everyone knows that meeting someone special is important for us all. Humans are social creatures, and we don't want or even can't live alone. This explains why, nowadays, we have so many various single ladies' sites. Different articles all around the Internet teach us how to find someone special, or how to make sure that your first date went well, but apart from this, there is another aspect of romantic relationships between humans. Of course, in a perfect world, people easily meet perfect partners, but our world is far from perfect. Thus, to be successful in our world, you not only need to know how to date someone properly but also how to decline a date politely.

During your life, you will often meet people who would like to date you, but you wouldn't want to date them. Do you know how to politely decline a date? This skill is very important because you can't allow yourself to be rude to people. There is no reason to mess things with your neighbors or co-workers. Thus, to be able politely to decline date invitation, you need to remain calm and be ready to carefully express that you are not interested in dating this or that particular person. It is crucial to be able to refuse others because you will meet many different people while searching for the love of your life.

how to decline a first date

Can Declining a Date Ruin Your Chances for a Happy Relationship?

Unfortunately, due to low self-confidence, some people have problems with dating. Some of those people have never had partners at all. Because of this fact, they often can't decline a date offer at all since they believe that this may be their last chance to finally find someone who wants to be with them and, by declining a date, they will ruin all their chances for a happy relationship. Of course, this is nonsense. Remember, you deserve to be happy with someone you like, if one or another reason he or she doesn't want to date you, then you need to work on yourself and become better every day.

If you are one of those people, then you need to know that dating someone whom you don't like is a very big mistake that should be avoided at any cost, and here is why. First of all, you have some expectations of love and dating. You will never be happy with someone whom you don't like. Thus, you will be disappointed by your failed expectations because dating someone simply because you want to go on a date is the worst thing that you can do with your life. Don't waste your energy in vain since there are so many single ladies for dating. I am sure that you will find someone perfect.

The key to happiness is to be with someone you like, and not with a random stranger who wanted to date you. Remember, if you don't want to see this person every morning next to you on your bed, then kindly decline a date when he or she will ask you to have one. This won't destroy your life, and no one will think that you are a lone wolf type who doesn't want to have romantic relationships. No, you are just a person who is searching for someone perfect, and also you are a person who knows how to decline a first date without insulting anyone.

Main Reasons for Declining a Date

Of course, now you understand that you should never date someone whom you don't like. But what if you are not a very experienced person, and it seems to you that you don't mind to have a date with this person? The feeling of uncertainty is very common for humans. Don't worry, you are normal, and this has nothing to do with your self-confidence. Usually, we recommend going on a date with this person, but today, we are saying that you need to pay attention to his or her behavior while you were chatting online or seeing each other offline.

how to refuse a date1. He or she doesn’t listen to you

Having the opportunity to speak is important to every person, and it is especially important in the relationship between romantic partners. The desire to know that your beloved one understands you, helps you, satisfies your needs, supports you, and responds accordingly is completely natural for every person. For this reason, if this person can't pay attention to you, even in small things, for example, doesn't want to hear about how your day went, then there is no point in dating him or her. Because everything will only get worse, and your romantic relationship will give you nothing but a pure disappointment.

2. You can’t be yourself with him or her

One of the most unpleasant problems in a romantic relationship is when you can't be yourself and show your true nature, say what you think, feel exactly the way you feel. Constantly receiving reproaches from a loved one for the fact that something is wrong with you is painful and unfair. On the other hand, with a normal romantic partner, you can expect that he or she will advise you and will help you grow, and vice versa. But if you don't feel that this is the case with this person, then you should avoid dating him or her.

3. You have nothing in common

Of course, having something in common doesn't mean that your partner should love everything that you love and hate everything that you don't like. Each person has his or her own views on life and his or her own sphere of interests. But if you understand that you have nothing to share with this person, nothing to talk about, and he or she may not understand the importance of some things, then you shouldn't agree to date this person. Of course, everything can be changed, but it is not wise to begin your romantic relationships with problems.

4. You feel exhausted after being with this person

If you feel that this person drains all your energy during your meetings or texting, and you feel exhausted both physically and emotionally, then this is a very important sign that you shouldn't be together. Besides, if you already feel terrible when you simply meet this person or receive messages from him or her, imagine what problems you may encounter if you decide to live together, or have a family. Having personal space in a relationship is one thing, but this doesn't mean that you should feel terrible when he or she texts or calls you to ask you to go on a date.

5. You can’t openly talk about your feelings with this person

In any romantic relationship, it is very important to talk about your feelings. Both partners should freely express both positive and negative emotions. Thus, they can find and fix problems until it is too late. Plus, this is a pretty important part of the emotional connection between two people. If you can't tell this person how and what you actually feel about him or her, then you shouldn't agree to date this person. Building relationships on lies is a huge mistake.

Is It Important in This Case to Tell the Truth?

As we have said before, you should never build your relationships on lies, but you are not going to build romantic relationships with this person. So, what should you do? Is it acceptable to lie when you don't know the answer to the question, "How do you reject someone nicely"? Normally, we wouldn't recommend you use lies because there are no white lies in relationships. But even though, you should never lie to your actual romantic partner, it is pretty acceptable to lie to those who wanted to date you, and received a refusal from you, but only about reasons for this refusal.

For this very reason, people search for ways how to nicely say no to date. If you really value this person, but for some reason, you don't want to date him or her, then you should hide the real reason for your refusal. Thus, you will manage to save your relations and friendship. But remember, you should lie only about the real reason, don't turn that into a habit. This is the only case when you should tolerate lies. In all other cases, you should be honest, no matter how hard dealing with your honest words may seem, it is always harder to deal with consequences caused by lies.

Tips for Declining a Date Politely

So, how to respectfully decline a date? You already understand that you must be honest with people if you don't want to date them, and you know that you should never date those you don't like, but how to refuse a date without ruining your connection with this person? Because, sometimes, we find ourselves in a position when our coworkers or close friends want to turn whatever relationships we have with them into romantic ones. Don't worry, you are right that this is a very hard topic, but here are some tips that will help you decline a date very politely.


Before saying that you don't want to date this or that person, you should make a compliment about his or her best quality because by doing that, you won't hurt him or her too hard with your refusal, and will save his or her self-confidence. As you may know, receiving a refusal from a person you love can critically damage your confidence.

how to decline a first dateDon't get into the friend zone

Friendzone is a real nightmare for everyone. If you are in a friendzone, you can be very close with a person you love but will never be as close as you would like to be because being a good friend and a perfect romantic partner are two very different things. Thus, you should avoid both getting into friendzone yourself or putting other people there.

Explain the reason

You don't actually owe an explanation of real reasons for your refusal. But this is one of the greatest ways to politely decline a date via text because online you can't look in his or her eyes, and your body language doesn't show anything. Hence, you should help this person understand why you don't want to date him or her. Note, if the real reason is too cruel, then you can lie about it.

Speak directly without giving false hope

The most important thing to remember when refusing someone is to do it openly and directly, without giving any false hopes. As you can see, sometimes, people, when trying to politely decline a date online or offline, are not able to make it unconditionally. They find blurry reasons not to go on a date. Therefore, they are giving false hopes to others that one day, they may agree to go on a date.

Be honest

Even though we have recently mentioned that you can lie about real reasons for refusal, you still need to be somewhat honest about them. For example, if you don't want to be with this person because he or she doesn't have anything in common with you. You should honestly but at the same time politely tell this to him or her. Use lies only to make an honest reason sound gentle and less painful.

How can you refuse to have a date with someone without hurting his or her feelings at all? Unfortunately, you can't. No matter how polite and careful you will be, it is always hard to be rejected by someone, but you should remember that it is way harder and more painful to date or even live with someone who doesn't suit you. In fact, by refusing, you are not hurting people, but saving them from the pain that will come with unhappy romantic relationships. But it doesn't mean that you can refuse others without any doubts, and courtesy. Refusing people can be very hard, but it is inevitable because you will meet many different people during your life, and only a few of them you will be able to call yours.

Don't worry if everything sounds too hard and cruel to you. Refusing and receiving refusals is a very important part of human lives. If you ever received a refusal from a person you like or love, then you know how crucial it is to possess a skill of declining a date politely and gently. Sometimes we become so emotional and charged, so we can't keep our anger or disappointment inside, and we chuck it over those who around us, sometimes we hit very hard those who love us by doing that. Remember, you should always be careful and must pay attention to your politeness, especially when you are going to refuse to have a date with someone. This world is full of pain even without you, and there is no reason to add more of it.

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