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Anna 22 years online

About myself

I am such single Ukrainian bride, who is calm and at the same time very fun. I like to sports. And prepare delicious sweets. Did you notice that in me are combined incompatible things? I am professional dancer, this is my hobby and style of life. So in the morning I will do the exercises so that my buns are as strong as a nut. In the evening, I bake buns with nuts to enjoy their sweetness and unearthly delicious taste. Mmmmm how is delicious. do you want to try my buns?

About my partner

I have always know that will meet foreign man. Even the fortune teller who look on my hand, told about international marriage. She also told that i will be happy with him. But till now I tired to wait my man and decided to search for him here, on this dating site... From what country my man will be, I dont know. Maybe you will tell me where are you from? I am outgoing lady with likable looks, giving heart and fearsome shrewdness. Taming the shrewd is what it takes to enjoy the looks and win the heart. I will share a lot with the right man... could be - the rest of my life I just dream to be happy waking up in the morning and feeling my man holds me tight.. Are you ready to meet such Ukrainian future bride on this dating site like I am?



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friendship, relationship, marriage