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Luiza 26 years offline

About myself

I do not really like to talk about myself, about my character traits. I believe that the inner qualities of a person are better visible from the outside. I am a kind, gentle, vulnerable girl. And at the same time I am an understanding and sympathetic person. I will never stand aside if I see that someone needs help, no matter if it is a person or an animal. I spend most of my life at work. I really love my job. I work as a doctor-cosmetologist and dream in the future to open my own cosmetology clinic. I always devote my free time to my beloved daughter and my parents. These are the most dear people to me. On weekends, I meet with friends, we spend time together. of course the biggest dream is that I want to love and be loved. What is your biggest dream?

About my partner

I am a kind, gentle girl from Ukraine. I want to meet a man who will be gentle and kind to me. I would really like my man to take care of me and I could feel confident next to him. My man should be responsive, have a life experience behind crying, and be purposeful and self-confident. He must be strong and fulfilled as a person, and also confident in his own strength. It will be great if we can understand each other perfectly and always find common topics for communication and interesting activities.