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Natalia 31 years offline

About myself

As a woman, I am tender, calm, and soft. Cooking different meals and creation of coziness at home are my hobbies. At the moment, I do it for my relatives. But every night, going to bed, I dream that I do it for the most wanted person. For the only man that will open my heart to us and our love. The one, who will always be with me in my mind, heart, and physically. I enjoy taking care of people I love and make sure they are comfortable, relaxed, warmed and not hungry.I do not stand conflicts, disrespect, or betrayal. Also, raising the voice if it is not laughter.For me, there is the most precious thing in relations that could be between a man and a woman. It is faithfulness. I see woman in relations as a one who never lets down, is always there, especially in time of need, is always supportive, and understanding to her man. If my man has children, I would be happy to be a good friend for them. And if one day, they call me Mom that would be a blessing for me! I like to welcome friends and relatives and we always gather together at least for a family holidays.

About my partner

I would love to meet that man, who will treat my heart carefully and will never break it. The one, who would value my full devotion to him and there will never be even a shade of disrespect or doubts about each other. I would appreciate such qualities of him as kindness, punctuality, resoluteness, devotion, responsibility, ability to enjoy life, and being with his woman, family, and friends. There should be some common hobbies that we would like to do together. And I see us in relations as people who are attentive, caring, and supportive to each other.

Age criteria

searching for a mature man

Dating goal

serious relationship, marriage

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