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Olga 35 years online

About myself

I am on this website because of simple and basic wish to be happy, as all the other men and women here. But happiness means something different for everyone, right? I know that I will be able call myself happy if I have a special man by my side... The one who will receive all my love, care and support. And I hope my wish has led me to the right place to find him. My occupation is connected with television. I stay behind the curtain, but every day I see how different people can be on the screen and in a real life. That is why most of all I appreciate sincerity and authenticity in those who surround me.

About my partner

If my man and I create a team, then we could make each other happy... then we will have a chance to build a lasting partnership. Who will be the captain? Hmm... I believe that in love matters it is a position shared by two people. And I am ready to prove it in practice. By the way, a while ago I joined a dancing school, so I also need a salsa partner. Or at least someone who will enjoy watching me dancing for him in the evenings


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searching for a mature man

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Believe in love again and find a man