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Olga 35 years online

About myself

Sorry, but I am not an angel descending from heaven so - blah blah blah ... it is not about me. I am a REALIST and let be honest, we are here for a reason. I will not promise a fabulously sweet life with me, words do not mean anything, but actions have weight and only for me and I hope that for you too, or not?

About my partner

As psychologists say, women are looking for men similar to their father. But my father has been in a happy marriage for many years, he brings flowers every day, gives a coat, and with such trepidation and care to cover her with a warm blanket when she falls asleep. With a cold mind and an incredibly wise outlook on life. Yes, this is what I would like to see in my man. But there are no clones, so I would also add a great sense of humor and a few drops of risk


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searching for a mature man

Dating goal

Believe in love again and find a man