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Elena 47 years online

About myself

What to say to a modest woman about myself? It is not an easy task, but I am an ordinary woman with a light character and a wonderful sense of humor. I am one of those women who leave behind only a trail of spicy perfume and a desire to meet, touch and forget about the past. So let's create future ?

About my partner

When I was twenty years old, I wanted to be with a dangerous man, for the sake of whom I could raid everything and run away from home. When I was twenty five, I wanted to see a man who will already have a good job in life, real estate and be handsome as in the most popular series. But now I am a little more than twenty five and I understand that the most important thing is comfort, the ability to be yourself and accept a man as he is. I do not want to try to correct someone or to be a mother, I need a man who takes place as a person and is ready to match his words and actions, are you such a man? Then let me know, I'm not here for online life!


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searching for a mature man

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New life,marrige