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Khrystyna 30 years online

About myself

I am a non-standard woman, able to enjoy every moment of my life, and I feel the beauty of this world. After all, the world around us is beautiful, is not it? I prefer to create a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere around me, because if chaos reigns around me, I start to lose heart. I confess to you that I have a stubborn and independent character. But you are not looking for a doll woman? Would you like your lady to have her personal opinion? I have a large circle of friends from different spheres of society. I am interested to know the world and the people around me. I used to spend a lot of time in motion, because sitting in one place is not for me. I try to make the most of all my talents. If my friend is in trouble, I will come to his aid, and all my friends know that they can call me in the middle of the night, and I will come. Sometimes I feel sad, because my friends are not always in a hurry to help me, I think that I am too kind, and people are used to using my kindness, but otherwise I cannot live. Now a real surprise is waiting for you, because women prefer not to talk about it. I'm an explosive woman! Oh yeah! I can vividly express my anger and I can say additional words in a hurry. Therefore, if I scream, you need to keep calm. The best way to disarm me at this moment is to approach me, hug and kiss me tightly. In this case, you will get the most submissive woman in the world. Despite the fact that in some places my character can be considered difficult, for the sake of preserving relations, I am ready to make substantial concessions and compromises. And I think this is the most important thing!

About my partner

Which man will interest me? I am rather selective in choosing my partner. First of all, I appreciate humanity! A sense of humor is also important to me, because I am a laughing woman If you are gentle and kind, if you know how to care for a woman, know how to be valiant and attentive, then I will gladly answer you the same. I have so much unrequited love for a man, because I never truly loved. And I really need this feeling! I want to give and accept Love! Welcome to my fascinating world


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searching for a mature man

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Search for a partner, meeting, marriage