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Natalia 22 years offline

About myself

life has never given me a gift, so I had to grow up too early, maybe even sooner than I needed to.. but I believe that all that is done in our life this all correctly... I don't like that expression as a single mother, it sounds very pitiful, but in fact, it's exactly who I am.. I became a mother for almost a year ago, but I raise my daughter alone as a real strong lady.. but I don't want to be like this because I want to feel male and strong support around sometimes just be weak... I will not go into details why I was left alone with a child in her arms, but one conclusion I made for sure, I will no longer believe the naive young guys who think that have become real men... I came here to find a man who is not afraid to take responsibility and make my life happy, bringing love, care, and sincerity! my nature I'm a tender and romantic soul who is looking for family and calm, but I'm not white and fluffy when it is necessary I can be a very strong and single-minded predator who is ready to go heads for the purpose and to get their well-deserved happiness... I want to find a heart as lonely as mine that seeks the care of love and family to reunite... I want to laugh and joke, I want to feel the joy of this life and enjoy the man who will be with me... I think that doesn't make any sense to describe myself, because the only talking person can conclude I am in his eyes... is that true? I'm ready to open up.. but to whom??

About my partner

as I said, I will no longer believe young and naive guys who think they are ready for family and have become real men... No... I will only communicate with a Mature man who knows exactly what he wants.. I appreciate the experience and certainty, only a Mature and experienced man can show who he really is! I'm not chasing wealth because life has shown that it's not important and happiness is not in it.. for me, the ideal relationship is to have a good and strong family that lives a quiet life and loves each other.. I dream to meet a man who will not lie and will be completely open to me.. I love brave men who are not afraid to take the initiative and responsibility into their own hands.. because the determination is a very beautiful and important quality in a man.. don't you? I am absolutely not concerned about the age difference, I'm one of those that tries and gives you the chance and not one of those who chooses long! I dream of a good and strong family, why don't I deserve it?


outdoors, pets

Age criteria

searching for man aged 35 to 90

Dating goal

be happy and fall in love

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