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Nverui 33 years offline

About myself

All people are looking for an ideal partner. But it often happens that when they finally find him, there is something wrong. To my mind, some people do not try to keep their love. They think that it is easy to live in a marriage. Yes, it is easy to make some relations, to get married, but it is not easy to keep understanding and love. The appearance of the man, his material status has no importance for me. My ideal partner must know for sure what he is eager to do to reach his purposes in this life.

About my partner

A man with a strong personality who is not afraid of difficulties and ready for a serious relationship! I am interested in a person whose words coincide with his actions!!! If you promise something, keep your promises. A man who not only speaks but acts is certainly worthy of my attention. I am interested in a responsible and honest man. If you don't want to be honest with me, I don't see the point in playing silly games.

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