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Diana 27 years offline

About myself

I am a simple lady with a pure and sincere soul. I'm not a fatal diva, I'm not a victim of plastic surgery, I'm not a one-night stand or a treasure hunter.
I was born in a small town and spent my childhood on a farm, I know how to milk cows, feed chickens and pigs, work in the garden. I can work with my hands and head. I prefer to spend the weekend on a picnic or fishing. I am not a fan of shopping, clubs and beauty salons, because I am sure that real beauty is inside! I appreciate sincerity, cheerfulness and I know that happiness does not require a lot of material things.
I want my husband and I to be able to put on jeans and a T-shirt, go fishing together, and the next day put on an elegant dress and go to the opera together. I want us to be happy to chat all night over a delicious homemade dinner, and sometimes you want to enjoy the silence together. I am open to new things and on this dating site I dream of sharing happy moments not alone... because when you share, you are happier. Do you agree?

About my partner

I hope I find someone who would be Adam for me... A kindred spirit. I want to find a man to whom I can completely entrust my life. Of course, I'm not made from his rib, but I hope you understand what I mean by trust your life to a man.
I hope my soul mate is out there somewhere. Maybe it's too naive. But I want to be a part of my beloved man, just as he can become a part of me.
I don't want to describe the traits I'm looking for in a man, I just think it's stupid. Feelings and love is not a casting! It just happens when you meet a special person, maybe on dating site.
What do you think about relationships?


In my free time, I try to visit new places, whether it's a theater or a new cafe, to eat delicious food.

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searching for a mature man

Dating goal

Love, communication, flirting, relationships, marriage