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About myself

Ou! I make people healthier and happier! Really) So, it is my calling! I dreamt to make people happier form my childhood, but I didn’t know in what way to do it better. That I understood that happy people are healthy people, who is self-confidence and fallen in love)) So, I decided to make people wishes real) How? So… I work as a nurse. My specialization is rehabilitation after traumas, surgeries of hard illnesses. My second job and passion is creating professional make up. You see, women are happier if they look pretty on some special events. Also, men pay attention on them and can easy fall in love after my art- make up))hahah)) I hope it is true)hahaha So, I know how to make men’s eyes happy and body healthy )) Would you like to check my professional level?)) Seriously speaking, I believe, that love, kind heart and good sense of humor make our faces and bodies prettier) Would you like to check if this rule works with my face and body? As a medical specialist, I am concerned strong healthy lifestyle in food, sport and activities. So, I prefer to cook something that is the best for our health and mind. I can be proud of doing the splits and staying on my head) May be I can show you this positions on the first date in restaurant? hahaha I think, that positive emotions make face and body much healthier than any pills or make up! I can take a bath in frozen water or jump in winter’s river after sauna. Also, I spend a lot of time in mountains with my daughter) I adore skiing in Ukrainian mountains) But my dream is skiing in Alps, Kilington, Lake Placid or Whiteface…. Oh, it is my deep-deep desire… So, dear reader, don’t hesitate- I will be able to move to another country and change some of my habits and lifestyle, finding new friends and family. I am strong in my soul, brave and enough serious for changing for any good things in my life) Are you ready to be with me in my (may be – OUR) way of changes?

About my partner

Are you ready to be healthy and handsome forever-forever? So, you are the man we can try to know each other better! Oh, I dream about positive, kind, experienced mature man who would like to share life full of care and love with me. What is important for me: that man will be serious, smart and family-oriented. I am not looking for a millionaire or movie star. No, I need a man for happy everyday life and share our hobbies, thoughts, desires, smiling and kissing… finding happiness in small things, without a waiting for some special events! - Good morning, my love, - you say. - Good morning, my love, - I answer you smiling the every morning, embrace you and kiss, enjoying the every moment with you. - Have a good day! – I tell you when you are going to work. - The every day is perfect with you)) – you answer me and give me a long sweet kiss.

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