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Irina 21 years online

About myself

I am here not for fun, I want to find my man. Maybe my fate is here and I do not want to lose it! I am a nice and funny girl with kind heart and smart brain. I hope this date website will help me, because in real life I cannot find him! I like children and animals! Also I love reading, especially romantic stories! I am in love with Pride and Prejudice!

About my partner

All my friends have boyfriends, and I am a single. You know, it is so sad... I feel so awful sometimes. I do not want to be alone anymore, I want to find my soul mate and be happy with him every second of our lives. I need strong and kind man, with who I can talk about everything! I want to feel safe. I do not need rich guy with big wallet. I just need an ordinary guy! So I joined this passion dating site!

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