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Liliya 30 years online

About myself

I am not all milk and honey! And I am sure it is very good))) I am a normal person with my character, with my special traits and with my ability to love and share. I dream to be a clever and interesting wife and a clever mother who is able to bring up happy children. I like to dream about my future and I am sure to tell you about it when we become closer. I LOVE people and I love to help everybody around))) I love children a lot and now I work as a baby sitter because I am graduating from my second University.

About my partner

I have a lot of dreams and one of them is to meet the man with whom we are destined to be together all the time and everywhere. I don't want to think how good it is if you go to a business trip (as most of women do) I want to feel very sad if you leave me at least form 2 days!!!! That is love and family for me

Age criteria

searching for a mature man