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Elena 27 years offline

About myself

You may ask me what kind of person I am... It is certainly a good question and I need time to answer it. Because it is impossible to see the soul through the screen. I am a real energy worker! I am single ladies. People wonder how I can work so hard and be happy all the time! I am not complaining about anything. I'd rather live happily ever after, how about you?
When someone asks me to say something about myself, I always remember one very interesting quote, and it describes me very well: follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, stop caring what others think! So to be honest, I'm a very simple single girl, I don't pretend to be someone else, I don't play games and I always have my own point of view. But if I find my husband, I will become a very gentle and sweet woman who wants to hug all the time. So, let's imagine that if you are ready to meet a young girl, I will dissolve into you, and you into me. Impulsivity is one of my qualities.
I have a positive attitude towards everything in life, from my morning routine to the people around me. I don't believe in bad days because there is always a reason to smile.

About my partner

I am looking for a man who will be faithful and trustworthy, to whom I will not be afraid to give my heart. I don't want my husband to be arrogant and greedy. I like men with a good heart, open. My type is a guy who will make me smile and make my heart beat faster when he's around! Good if you love sports like me. I need a partner, ready to meet and build a relationship, who wants something real! I am looking for a mature man, responsible and serious in his intentions. No crazy games please. I need a man who knows what he wants and gets it! I will find him on this best dating site.


Sports, music, cinema, travel, walks with friends, photography, dancing, modeling, art

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searching for a mature man

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Love, communication, flirting, relationships, marriage