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Maryna 23 years offline

About myself

I am especially fond of love. This is something that can be compared to a gourmet dish that two chefs have to work on to make it perfect. Otherwise, this dish may turn out to be the worst of all that could be invented. This is a dish that has many small details, but each of them is significant. Sincerity, trust, understanding, support. If any of these ingredients are removed, the dish will be completely spoiled and beyond repair. Only if you cook new. If you agree with this, can we already start our online dating right now?

About my partner

Every self-respecting man always strives to meet the requirements of the woman he wants to meet. This even applies to online dating. So what are my requirements? Nothing supernatural. You must be knowing what you want, persistent and able to show your true inner self, never hide anything and be able to keep what I trust you.


Studying nutrition, painting, reading, sports, traveling

Age criteria

searching for a mature man

Dating goal

Start a new life in a new environment and a new country, I hope for friendship, love and romance in one bottle

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