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Anna 33 years online

About myself

I am sincere and very trusting !!! so please do not offend me .
I came on dating site in search of love and happiness, enough pain from a past relationship .
I very much love hugs !!! will you hug me on your first date?
or immediately start with passionate kisses?
Want to know a little about me? I'm looking on dating site for a man in spirit to me who will love to laugh with me, and turn a blind eye to trivial mistakes that will be in joint future. I'm looking for someone with whom I can create a strong and positive relationship.

About my partner

Hey, are there any real gentlemen on this dating site who will help me change life? I'm sure, YES! Just need to find such one . If you don't write me on dating site because you think I'm too young for you, or too good, or too something else , then get these thoughts out of your head and let's just try. You will never know, if you do not try, yes? So, let's see what happens in the near future.


book club membership, cooking, gardening, candle making

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searching for a mature man

Dating goal

find a soulmate to create a relationship with

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