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Anna 23 years online

About myself

I have no experience of dating site with a man, but I thought and decided, why not? If I cannot find my man here in my country, then maybe my man will live a million kilometers from me. I can say about myself that I am a girl with a twinkle, as long as I can remember - everyone tells me that I can attract people. I can always listen, give advice, and help with all that I have. Eyes are the windows to the soul - ready to look into my eyes?

About my partner

I hope meet here a man older than me, the one who is experienced, has his own history of life and relationship, the one who is ready to open his heart again. For me, the ease of our communication is important, not to lose trust and understand that we are moving in the same direction and we have chemistry, passion. I believe that a man needs to be given complete freedom and ease in a relationship, and then you can see a real attitude towards yourself. I am ready to take this step towards my happiness ..


Acting, singing, dancing, makeup, beauty, skincare, fashion, modeling, traveling, taking pictures

Age criteria

searching for man aged 45 to 75

Dating goal

love, marriage, serious relationship, live together, family