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Svetlana 25 years online

About myself

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. I have two sisters and we are very close to them. Not only do I spend time with my sisters, but I also love raw art. These are avant-garde music, museums, art exhibitions, crafts and more. I really love poetry! If we talk about my personal qualities, then I am a peaceful creature, never carrying anything bad in myself, never wasting time on conflicts and quarrels. If there is something that I do not like, I would rather skip it or ignore it, but I will not express my so important opinion. LOL I never give advice if no one asks about it, the same with my opinion, although I also never betray myself. Mostly I do my own thing, but I'm always happy to help if anyone needs me. I love small surprises, I love the gestures of attention from loved ones, they take care of me. I try not to bury people with my problems, if I have them, but to be honest, I have always wanted to date a man who will erase all worries from my head.

About my partner

My family adheres to these traditional family values, so I myself am looking for a man who would steal my first kiss, my heart and receive my love for life. I am not looking for a short-term relationship, because I believe that true love is always there, and I do not want to miss it. I hope that my future partner will always remember that a relationship is not always a flower bed of roses, it is also acute situations, some misunderstandings, some conflicts of opinion, but he will be ready to find a compromise and get out of the situation. bad situations with me, so as not to go separate ways. I can't imagine myself saying that I love you, and then I'll just take my words back, change my mind and pretend like nothing happened between us. So, on this site I am looking for a gentleman who will love me once and for all. Yes, I am a romantic, but I also believe that a relationship depends on two people as a couple.


engineering, electronics, reading, cooking, hand made

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