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Anastasia 22 years online

About myself

I am glad to welcome you from the beautiful country of Russia. My main goal is to find my true love here. I am a very kind and responsive girl, besides, an open person and I really want my eyes to shine with happiness. Despite my young age, I have an independent life. But I would like a man with whom we will have a strong relationship and together we will be able to fulfill my dream! I have a hobby, I really like the history and architecture of Western countries. Therefore, now I am actively studying English in order to visit the countries as soon as possible! I like to read books in English, so reading allows me to learn the language much faster! I am actively engaged in sports and horse riding. Being on horseback for me is a lot of positive emotions! I think you want to ride a horse with me? This time we can hold hands! I really like animals, because their love is sincere, and they will love their owner until the end of his life. I try to help not only animals, but also people. After all, a pleasant word and attention will be enough for many. That's why I participate in charity events. I am very interested, do you have any animals? I have a very interesting specialty! And I would like to tell you about it personally. You will be surprised, I think, definitely. Finishing these lines, since there is very little space left, I am sure that I will be lucky and I will meet my man. And if you have read this far, it means that I am interested in you, and we may have common interests. So let's start communicating and build our happy future together! With love, Anastasia!

About my partner

I want a man to appreciate me, love me and give me happiness. And happiness when a beloved man is near! And now I understand that the main thing in love is not age. All ages are submissive to love, I can and want to love my man with all my heart! Your financial situation is not important to me, because it is known that with a loved one and paradise in a hut!


equestrian sports, gym classes, books

Age criteria

searching for a mature man

Dating goal

getting to know a man to start a family