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About myself

I am the type of woman, who would take you on a romantic date in some beautiful part to enjoy some ice cream. Most likely we would get messy while eating it , but of course, as someone with logic thinking, i will have some clean napkins in my lady bag. Afterwards, of course, we run away to some sandy beach, where we dance barefoot and several hours later, we ran away from there, hoping that the security guard won't catch us..So as you already see I am quite a romantic person ! I am a person who is in touch with her emotions and I trust my intuition, at the same time, I have a solid logical touch to my female mind. If you look into my eyes closed, you will see a woman who wishes for love, passion, and unity of minds and hearts

About my partner

I want a man who would put me on his shoulder and bring me to his cave,and say -Now you are My woman !!..just kidding I do enjoy a man who knows what He wants and He goes for it ,i find it unbelievably attractive! I look for a man of his word, who will put loyalty and trust as his top priority,but also He must be fun and have a good sense and of humor.I want a man, who enjoys a lot of affection, and don't need a reason to cuddle and kiss a lot .Are u such a kind of guy?

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