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Anna 22 years offline

About myself

Hi there! Nice to meet you! The very first thing which comes to my mind is that to be adult doesn't mean to be grumpy serious all around the year. Good jokes? Love it! I will make you laugh at the very first minutes of meeting, so maybe then marry me LOL because then you will know you've got that funny, caring, sweet girl with a big heart and sincere soul. Life with me will never be gray. I know how to get up when I fall down at the worst times, because movement is a life! Perhaps just like any Ukrainian lady I like to cool, and don't mean to brag but I do it good! Whatever you can imagine I can cook for you. Sounds banal? I know, but we're eating every day, right? LOL I don't usually spend my time on some conflicts or gossips, I think my life is good without it and there are many more nice things to do together. I also don't respect judging people by their look or by their wallet. What really matters is actions. What else to say? I am pretty much normal, but there is some spark in me which I want you to discover. I don't bite, let's get to know each other!

About my partner

Sometimes I wonder why nowadays it is not in vogue to give a hand to your lady when she walks out of a car, why is it somewhat wrong to stop for a little kiss. I hope to find here a man who is a gentleman at his heart. It doesn't mean he will have to carry me around in his arms, but if he loves such little things like affection, gestures of care, quality time together it is the perfect man. I don't have any big lists of what my man should be like, just a romantic gentleman who will like to see me any kind, sleepy, funny, crying, happy, grumpy, irritated or whatever. Someone who understands that people are not always perfect, and that when we will sleep together perhaps he will have my hair in his mouth LOL because this is what sometimes having with men when their women have long hair? Hahaha To sum up, I am looking for a man who won't be expecting me to be perfect daily because I am not perfect, and who will not be shy not to be perfect with me either.


music, reading, studying, cooking, joking lol

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partner's age does not matter

Dating goal

serious relationship, marriage, love, family