Not everyone can frankly speak about sex with a loved one: someone is hampered by shame, someone is just shy. But only in this way, you can really get to know each other. So, sometimes you need to step over your principles. Talking about sex helps to identify existing problems or expectations, understand the limits, and get to know yourself and your partner. So, these 19 questions about sex will help you get to know your partner and discover yourself. Sit comfortably and proceed to the frankest conversation in your life.

Interesting Sex Questions You Need to Get Answers to

How often do people normally have sex?

The true meaning of this question is different: you are afraid that everyone around you has sex more often than you. Relax. According to the research, the majority of couples who have been married for a long time, don’t have sex more than once or twice a week. In those who are recently together, the frequency of sex may be higher but it decreases with time.

How to tell a loved one about things I like in bed?

Most likely, your girlfriend doesn’t have telepathic abilities. So, the only way to tell her about your desires is to say it out loud. An important rule: don’t blame a woman for doing something wrong. It is best to put your wishes in the form of a compliment: “Remember that night when we... I liked it so much! Let’s repeat?” Any Ukrainian woman would like to know that she is good in bed. And if you tactfully let her know what exactly you like, she will do everything to please you. If sex doesn’t bring you satisfaction until now, the reason is not that a woman specifically does everything wrong. In fact, she would be happy to please you but doesn’t know how to do it. Yes, it is not easy to share hidden desires, even with the closest person (especially if you didn’t dare to do something like that before). A “fantasy library” may help simplify the task, which can be stored in a bedside table. Let each of you write some of your erotic fantasies – the one on each sheet. Fold all the sheets into a folder and when you both have a suitable mood, get one of the sheets at random and follow what is described on it. Try to explain your fantasies in details and you will be surprised how quickly your sex life will change for the better. For many women, a man’s body is a real mystery and she will be only grateful to you for a tactful hint.

Why do women have no desire?

Reduced libido is a typical symptom when a woman becomes older and hormonal changes that precede menopause begin. But a temporary loss of desire can occur at almost any age. The cause may be fluctuations in the hormonal background (pre-menopause sometimes starts early enough – at 35 years). Other common factors are medications (some antidepressants and birth control pills can affect the level of libido), lack of physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of sleep.

What do women prefer: morning or evening sex?

Actually, this is one of the good sex questions to ask your girlfriend in advance. If one of you is an early riser and loves sex in the morning and another is an owl and believes that it is better to have sex before going to bed, then there can be an embarrassment. It is better to find out this point from the very beginning and find a compromise solution that suits both of you.

Interesting Sex Questions You Need to Get Answers to

How to ask a woman about her desires?

One of the indicators of trust: you both are not afraid to talk about your most intimate fantasies. Be maximally open and don’t ridicule the recognition of a woman. And also specify what exactly she would like to try with you.

What do women think about sex games?

Most women positively perceive different erotic costumes and role-playing games. But there are exceptions: some, for example, can laugh all evening over a nurse’s costume. And this is better to know in advance. Not all people are sexually emancipated and are ready to use a device in the bedroom. To avoid problems when you suddenly take a vibrator from under the bed, discuss this in advance. Including what toys you both consider acceptable.

How to find time for a good sex?

This is a very common problem for families with children. Both spouses are working, problems are accumulating like a snowball, and time for rest and pleasure is sorely lacking. You can even choose one evening during a week that you spend together with your woman – go to the cinema or theater, walk in the park, eat in a restaurant or stay at home. Make this a mandatory point of your family life, which is always respected and only very serious circumstances can affect it. If necessary, sometimes refuse to meet with friends or relatives, don’t stay at work or postpone household chores for tomorrow. A full basket for washing is nonsense compared to a marriage where spouses don’t have time for each other. Your relationship should always be in the first place. And if you don’t knowingly find time for the two of you, you will not have to talk about harmony in marriage.

Do women like hard or gentle sex?

This is one of the key issues and the main measure of sexual compatibility. If your woman loves tenderness and you are rude, then, alas, you are not compatible. Yes, most successful men reach the top due to their iron will, grip, and stiffness and they don’t like tenderness in sex. However, there are many exceptions and even the most brutal-looking men in bed can be incredibly gentle. Therefore, it makes sense to ask a woman what kind of sex she likes. This is one of the best sex questions to ask a girl at the very beginning of a relationship.

Interesting Sex Questions You Need to Get Answers to

What to do if sex becomes banal?

This is one of the most popular sex questions for couples who have lived together for a long time. Of course, this situation can be changed but this will require conscious efforts. Start with small changes, which, however, can be very effective.

  • Initiate sex at an unusual time for you. Have you always made love in the evening? Do it in the morning.
  • Try a new pose. Most often, after a few years of marriage, spouses stop at one or two of the usual positions. Change it! For those, who have not done anything new in bed for ten years, this is a serious step away from the routine.
  • Return to romance with your girlfriend. Go to the holiday home for the weekend or just go together abroad, cook meat on the BBQ and sit by the fire with a glass of good wine.

Is there sex after a fight?

Many couples believe that making love right after a fight even diversify the sexual life: a violent reconciliation gives more vivid sensations. And for someone, sex on the background of unsolved problems is unacceptable – it will not bring any pleasure and will spoil the mood completely. To avoid misunderstandings, make sure that you and your woman have found a common point of view on this issue.

How to ask a girl about her first sex?

It is easy! Just start telling her about your first sex. If you want to start a conversation about something very intimate but don’t know where to start, try to include such interesting sex questions to your conversation. Frankness for frankness – tell her about your first experience. A conversation will turn out to be sincere, informative, pleasantly ambiguous and, quite possibly, you will laugh enough. You will immediately feel how you get closer.

Does a woman have sexual taboos?

Someone thinks casual sex is unacceptable and someone experiences an incomparable pleasure, having met a woman with whom she slept at some party, but never got acquainted. Taboo is individual for each of us, and better to know in advance what she doesn’t accept in sex. Maybe she thinks that normal sex is boring and likes only something unusual. Or she hates your favorite position. What are you going to do? As usual, to seek compromises, discuss, try, after all. Maybe you will dispel a couple of her taboos and she will thank you forever.

What is the best sex of her life?

Be ready: she will talk about it even longer than about the first sex. And with great admiration. The question is not for the jealous, but if you really know how not to take past experience to heart, it will help you understand the preferences of a loved one and to arrange something like that. This is definitely one of the best questions to ask about sex.

What is the worst sex of her life?

Yes, this question is also among sex personal questions. But usually, these are very funny stories. Also, such questions about sex can be a light way to learn about sexual taboos if you don’t want to ask directly.

Who should think about protection?

At least, you should. Don’t leave this question without attention, hoping for the consciousness of a partner. In addition, despite the availability of information, many still seem to remain in the Stone Age and believe in the myths that, for example, pregnancy doesn’t occur during menstruation. Be attentive.

How often a woman wants to make love?

For a full intimate life, the answer to this one of the most interesting sex questions is also important because everyone has different temperaments and I don’t think that you will be satisfied with sex once a month. Discuss how many times you will expect to have sex per day, week or month. Share your expectations and indicate how many times you need for the full functioning of the reproductive system and a good mood. It is very important to find a compromise that would satisfy both of you, even if it means too frequent or too rare.

Interesting Sex Questions You Need to Get Answers to

How to turn on a woman fast?

It is difficult not to agree that each woman needs a different approach. Someone loves hot sex, someone loves romantic foreplay, and it is better not to approach someone without long and skillful kisses. And it’s true, it’s hard for men to understand women. But if a woman can explain what exactly gives her pleasure, there will be no problems with harmony in bed – there will be a crazy desire only. A partner, who is looking for a universal approach to all women, can get too carried away by the search.

Where is the G-spot?

Yes, this is one of the awkward sex questions. All these secret “spots” are both interesting and frightening at the same time. After reading about the numerous erogenous zones on a body of a woman and remembering the main ones, a man is involved in another adventure: to find a spot no bigger than a penny on the “front wall of the vagina behind the pubic bone and urethra”. But stop! You should rely on women’s frankness and their inspiring “Oh yeah! That’s how I like it!”

How to understand if a woman pretends?

Don’t forget about the fact that the physiology of girls varies, as well as the amount of lubrication. And any of those who have ever performed Kegel exercises can simulate muscular contractions. A man who doesn’t have a long relationship with a particular girl is not able to recognize whether she is pretending or not – the ideas about this are very vague for men. Nevertheless, faking orgasm is probably one of the most unnecessary things. Therefore, smart women don’t pretend. They rather say how to do everything right.

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