In the modern world, there is a male hierarchy. The most powerful man, that is, an alpha male holds a dominant position. Alpha males get everything they want. This applies to power, money, and women.

how to be alpha male

Having started to change your behavior, after a while, you can become much stronger and move into the dominant hierarchy. The process will take some time, but it is worth it. So, let us reveal all the alpha male characteristics for you.

Alpha Male Meaning

What is an alpha male? He is determined by both words, “Alpha” is the first letter of the Latin alphabet and the “alpha male” is the most desired sexual partner for women. And as we know a woman appreciates not only the physical qualities of the father of her future children but also his social status.

The meaning of alpha male personality can be described as the one who always stands out from the crowd. He is the undoubted leader, has a strong character and spirit. He is the dream of all single ladies dating sites he uses. Only alpha decides who will become his partner and not vice versa. Women are fighting for him, they want him, they dream of him.

Each alpha male has a unique style. He is not limited to the choice of clothing. This also applies to the behavior itself. Such men always reverently approach the opinions of others, trying to produce the best effect on people.

Even alpha males always compete. These men strive to fight for the title of the best in skills, work, and so on.

Alpha Male Traits According to Women

Many men, trying to understand women’s logic and preferences, wonder what they mean by the term “alpha male.” For this purpose, many surveys have been conducted, and this is what has been found out.

Strong position

This is one of the most important alpha male traits. The opinion of the alpha male always dominates the social environment in which he lives, therefore, the man should consider his position as the only correct one and not doubt it for a minute. His woman doesn’t have the right and cannot stop him or challenge his position. But before he starts defending his position, he needs to learn how to express his opinion. If there is a need, he has to say “no” because only weak people respond to any request with the agreement.

Sense of humor

Of course, it is important to understand that a man shouldn’t overdo it with humor. An alpha male is not a clown, but a person who can laugh at himself and others without showing anger or sarcasm. He tells jokes to make lonely women seeking men laugh. He uses interesting jokes in his dialogs, knows funny stories and aphorisms. Also, a man can show the quality of his sense of humor with the help of body language, but this can only be done by real masters.

Body language

A man’s body speaks more than his words with the help of posture and gestures. All these sections of alpha male body language must demonstrate his strength, leadership, confidence, and not weakness. Of course, it is best to train a body language constantly, including in front of mirror or unfamiliar surroundings. For example, hands behind a back will show openness to dialogue and self-reliance. Learn some more gestures.

The ability to flirt

Alpha male definition states that a distinctive feature of such a man is the ease with which he enters into a romantic relationship. After all, anyone who masters the art of flirting will submit to the whole world. A man should constantly practice communicating with the opposite sex, visit places where he can meet girls and spend most of his time with them. However, he shouldn’t treat girls as something special, but take them as his best friends. A real alpha male tries to instill respect and sexual desire in them.

New knowledge

alpha male body languageAccording to women, an alpha male doesn’t let the mind or body turn into the inert mass. A wide range of interests will expand the number of people to whom he can be useful. How to be an alpha male? Always learn something new: boxing, car repair, playing the guitar, the ability to make a fire or eventually hammer a nail into the wall and hang a shelf – all this and a million other equally useful skills can come in handy.

False and Toxic Alpha Male Traits

The alpha male has many interesting and impressive positive features. But besides the extremely positive sides, he also has dark sides.


He thinks that attack is the best defense. If he sees an opportunity, he immediately uses it. Actually, the general opinion that women like gloomy, arrogant, selfish, aggressive alpha males is wrong. No one likes such people. A real alpha male doesn’t intimidate others. He has enough strength and natural qualities to maintain the status of the alpha male. Besides, aggression is a sign of weakness! Yes! It is a weakness because he can’t control himself.

Inability to admit mistakes

According to psychologists, alpha males are not inclined to admit their guilt and mistakes. They always seek to transfer responsibility to others, even if they are completely to blame. This is a clear sign of an immature personality, a real infantile person, unable to build healthy, strong relationships, live a full life, and make people around them happy. Why do they do so? Because those who consider themselves alpha males usually think, “Nobody but me!” – that’s their position. Why? Because they are “incredible”!


Many alpha males very often become victims of their own desire to tickle their nerves, feel the risk, play with fire, and so on. They like to do it, and no one forces them! It just adds a certain level of risk and this risk adds excitement. This is their biological nature – to have sex with as many women as possible. If they see a woman naked several times, it becomes uninteresting for them. And no matter how beautiful her body is – an alpha male gets used to it and wants to experience something new: new lips, another body, and so on.

Alpha Male Behavior Tips for a First Date

A first date is the beginning of your possible relationship with a girl. Therefore, the main tasks are to make a good impression so that your girl wants to meet with you again. In addition, on the first date, you can show yourself from the best sides and make a girl fall in love with you. And you will be able to determine whether you need to build a further relationship with her.

Take initiative when arranging a date

A woman is not looking for an inert man. None of the women is looking for a man who behaves like a mummy’s little son. A man should take care of a woman as her father does. Dating an alpha male, a woman wants her man to be active and show serious intentions. Inviting her to a wonderful romantic restaurant is an ideal way to take the initiative. Women like confident and decisive men. So, choose where the date and the rest of the evening will take place.

Look good

How to become an alpha male? The appearance of the alpha male is striking and memorable. It’s not necessarily an attractive picture, but it has animal magnetism. He often has a strong chin, and his stubble attracts women’s eyes. His eyes are very expressive, and his look is catchy. These men have an athletic fit. They take care of their bodies. They know how to be well dressed, wear branded clothes, and expensive watches.

Be confident

In the usual sense, the alpha male is daring. But he is not a kind of guy who humiliates others just to feel superior. Such a man is confident in his own abilities and honestly evaluates his strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, such a man respectfully treats others. He demonstrates his confidence and ability to share thoughts, ideas, and plans that positively influence the world and the people around. If he has any good ideas, he shares them with everyone around, including a girl with whom he is on a date.

Be a respectful gentleman

If a man descends to the point of humiliating and insulting his woman, then what respect on her part can he expect? If he doesn’t like the behavior of his girl, he has every right to express his dissatisfaction with her, but he does so in such a way as to neither offend her nor hurt her feelings. He condemns the specific actions but not the girl herself. Any direct insult on his part to his girlfriend can cause her only one reaction – the desire to insult him in return. Therefore, you should understand that mutual insults are not the surest path to mutual respect and understanding.

Be a good listeneralpha male traits

Be an attentive listener, and it will help understand how to please the girl. Knowing about new successes, hobbies or difficulties, it is easier to understand each other, and it is more interesting to communicate. Sometimes it’s important to find a solution to a problem together, and sometimes you just need to talk to make sure that you are understood and respected by your partner. Try to listen, without interrupting or trying to immediately give advice.

Demonstrate your sense of humor

Laughter brings together even if people met just a minute ago. In addition, it is known that a good sense of humor is an indicator of high intelligence. There is no doubt that a cheerful man who knows how to successfully joke, has all the advantages over the rest of the men. Stories about oneself told with humor show that you see things positively. So, the alpha male meaning shows that this is a man who can maintain a good mood in a girl, even when she has difficult or unpleasant situations.

Be nice to other people you communicate on a date

How to be an alpha male on a date? Wherever you go – to a restaurant, cinema or other institution, be polite with the staff. Don’t put them below yourself, don’t try to humiliate. This is not cool at all. It is unlikely that a girl will like it, and you will be exposed only from the bad side. And, yes, be gallant with a girl. These all little things are very important if, of course, you chose an educated and adequate companion.

Nicely offer to pay for her

The guy should always pay for the girl on the first date, especially if he invited her. When the man pays, then it works as a magnet for women. Any woman likes being cared for. Reject any woman’s attempts to pay. Girls can pretend that they are strong and independent. Some of them are feminists. But actually, the alpha male should always be stronger. Anyway, girls are weaker and want to have a strong man nearby who is ready to solve all the problems, even if it is a bill!

Final Thoughts

To become a 100% alpha male is a bit more difficult than it seems since it requires a hard re-education, in a sense, changing the character and reworking your individuality in the right direction. However, it is not for nothing that they say, "The constant changing of the internal state can turn any guy into a confident and successful man among girls."

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