The human soul is a very peculiar and complex thing. It is simultaneously cruel and yet cannot exist without spiritual, emotional communication with another person. This deep emotional connection with someone, the exchange of melodies that touch the strings of the soul is a very interesting, little-studied, but important topic. Psychologists call this phenomenon an emotional connection. It can arise in any situation where there is some kind of relationship between two people. They can be friendly, related, finally, romantic. It is in the latter case that the emotional connection manifests itself most strongly, even if it is not so long-term (in some cases) as an emotional connection between close relatives.

If you have already experienced what we call an emotional connection between two people, you will probably be interested in understanding what it is. In this article, we tried to examine this phenomenon from all sides and give you the best answers (you’ll even learn how to create an emotional connection) to all the questions. You can take this material as a very generalized, but a comprehensive study that will be very useful for you, your partner and your relationship in general.

emotional connection in a relationship

What is an Emotional Connection?

By emotional connection with a man or with a Ukrainian woman we mean the establishment of an inner attachment based on understanding and respect for the personality of the individual, his or her interests, needs, and problems. If such ties are not established, then the relationship cannot be called full-fledged.

Such inferior relationships are most often based on consumption. Often they are covered by self-deception, leaving the belief that everything is in order, normally, it should be so. Many people create whole theories to justify the consumer attitude toward others and even replicate them.

However, a disguise for external well-being does not bring happiness. If one does not understand and ignores the interests of another person (it means that one has a lack of emotional connection in a relationship), the latter has a feeling that he is only a means to achieve certain goals or satisfy needs and is not valued as a person. Such relationships over time bring a bitter disappointment in the moral qualities of the partner and destroy the desire for him.

It is not superfluous to look at yourself, whether you have an inner willingness to give something to your partner: your time, attention, be responsive, sensitive and able to provide moral support, show signs of love and be able to listen. If you feel the lack of it, and the need for long and deep relations exists, the question arises of reorienting oneself into the channel not only of one's needs but also of the interests of the partner. The desire to find a balance is affirmed in the human values system and becomes one of the main priorities in life for building a full-fledged relationship.

Let us note that more profound people tend to establish an emotional connection. The mood for knowing each other, in turn, helps to grow up (deep emotional connection with a woman made many men great, it is the fact you can’t argue). It's not a secret that growing up, many do not acquire emotional maturity.

It is more difficult for men to plunge into the inner world of a partner, they are more prone to avoiding emotional problems, repression. Sometimes their own experiences are driven far into the subconscious and sealed there with wax seals. In this case, the consequences of traumatic experience can manifest themselves in negative behavioral reactions and cause other uncomfortable conditions. A wise woman can help to unconditionally unblock the subconscious, before expressing a willingness to listen when the partner is ready. Then, with intuition and careful sympathy, she can contribute to the process of self-reflection, while opening her inner world to her interlocutor, talking about her similar feelings in a specific situation. The main thing is to avoid edification and superiority in communication, and especially condemnation.

Thus, mutual understanding is gradually born, and an emotional connection is established that ties the relationship together. A person begins to realize that he is not alone in his experiences, that a partner, and other people, too, experience this, and most importantly - that he understands a loved one. deep emotional connection with someoneConfidence in understanding brings calmness and a sense of security because during periods of emotional crises people often think that they are somehow different and that others are all the easier and better. Let us note that the desire to understand and sympathize is an act of goodwill, and we also have the right to expect reciprocity in this matter from a partner.

It is clear that on this path you can find a treasure, and stumble upon a monster, and find out about yourself a lot of interesting and sometimes unpleasant. This is a very delicate, creative and selective process, so steps in this direction are often very cautious.

To discover the inner world of a person, to learn it is interesting, mysterious and unforgettable, but sometimes it is not easy - you can get frightened and run away or start to treat the process formally.

How Important is an Emotional Connection in a Relationship?

The importance of an emotional connection between a man and a woman is due to the fact that it holds two souls together at a level not subject to many external factors. Whatever physical, material manifestations of withering prevail over you (old age, illness), this deep emotional connection does not disappear anywhere. If you do everything right, it will only get stronger from year to year and then you will not have to worry about your relationships because of such trifles as, for example, a change in the appearance of a partner.

Emotional connection in marriage gives you a very important advantage - you can communicate with your partner on any topic. Maintaining a dialogue (namely dialogue, not monologue) is very important for the development and preservation of relations. Those couples who are used to communicating with each other and discuss problems live happier and longer - this is a statistical pattern.

Thanks to the emotional connection, you can perceive each other's needs with little or no words. You do not need to be engaged in interrogations and solving riddles - all the movements of the soul of your partner will be visible, as on the palm of your hand. If you use this advantage for good, you can grow together and achieve both personal and joint goals. Couples with no emotional connection tend to fail on their way to happiness.

The gradual development of the emotional connection in the rattle breaks down such a myth as "love at first sight." Reaching psychological and spiritual maturity, a person comes to the conclusion that love, in the deepest sense of this word, is a process, not a one-stage state. A visual demonstration of the procedural nature of love is the development of an emotional connection. No emotional connection in marriage misleads people that true love is a passion that arises on the biochemical level in the first contacts with the beloved.

Signs of an Emotional Connection

  • Feeling that you have mutual understanding. If you feel who this person is in the soul, understand his emotions and manifestations, then you probably have an emotional connection.
  • It's easy for you to discuss hot topics. When even complex topics do not cause discomfort.
  • You are interested in the opinion of your partner on the contentious issue. One of the most important aspects.
  • You admire the intelligence of a partner. Just do not confuse with the feeling that the intellect is sexy. These are slightly different things.
  • You are more attracted to the personality, not to the appearance. Falling in love with the soul and intellect, you do not need anything more!
  • You can easily listen to each other. To have an emotional connection is to be attentive to the partner, his thoughts and words. You are pleased to listen and understand.
  • You feel that you are heard. And this is mutual!

These are the main signs of an emotional connection.

emotional connection between two peopleEmotional Connection vs Physical Connection

Comparing the emotional and physical connection, we come across a paradox - these things go side by side with each other, but their depth, strength, and importance are different.

The physical connection is considered primary. Not in the sense that it is more important, but in the fact that it occurs earlier. This is a natural reaction of the human body to a potential partner with whom one can continue the genus. If there is more to your relationship than just sex, an emotional connection will start between you.

However, everything can develop according to a completely different scenario. Between two people, an emotional connection can develop that has been in the process of slow but steady development for years. At a certain stage, in order to become even deeper, an emotional bond is necessary for physical recharge. People try to establish a physical connection with each other. Of course, emotional connection is the cornerstone of relationships. The physical connection is also important, but it can disappear, reappear, and so on. This is not the main indicator of the value of relations.

Sex and Emotional Connection

Emotional connection during sex makes it more fun and important process. This will be confirmed by any person who had such sex. The fact is that the emotional connection is a very accurate communicative tool. With its help, we can perceive the desires of a partner at a sensual level. The role of the ability to communicate in sex is very important. We communicate, delivering pleasure to each other and revealing a whole bunch of positive emotions.

Sex without an emotional connection often causes a sense of devastation, an invasion of some sacred, personal space. A person feels how alien his or her partner is. Many are frightened by this feeling, but they do not draw any conclusions, but continue to torment each other.

The deep emotional connection is an important condition for quality sex!

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